Is Pastor Evan Mawarire a selfish leader?

Is Pastor Evan Mawarire a selfish leader?

By Michael Mupotaringa

Okay so this is my first public comment on Evan Mawarire since he returned.

Critics say that he is doing this for himself and indeed, he is!

But see what you do for yourself, you do for yourself and others.

When someone invented the chair for his personal gain. He wanted something to sit on, he indirectly made it for everyone else who sits on a chair.

Another guy made a network so that he and his friend ALONE could share Galacta (an old MS Dos game), he created the first internet and today we all use the internet.

So many things you benefit from came from someone doing it for self, this includes any relationship advice you get. When you get tips from a marriage counselor you will realize that most of them are those he/she used for her personal gain first before realizing they were valuable enough to share with others.

Anything of value must first appeal to the SELF, because in the end we are individuals before we are a community. The community is the community because individuals commune in union in it to therefore form a community.

It is not a community without the self. Thus any revolution requires one to firstly do it for themselves.

Even your lack of participation in mainstream politics, you critics that are afraid of being victimized and therefore remain silent. Your silence is selfish too. Shall we audit each action or inaction of your selfishness. Yes… it’s self preservation isn’t it?

Even the people who are oppressing you, oppress you for self interest, cling to power for self interest and are corrupt for self interest.

I prefer the man who does a heroic action for himself but indirectly does it for others.

Do you know that a singular artiste who takes ZIMURA to book, so that it pays him royalties for HIMSELF may indirectly push a situation where ZIMURA pays the rest of the artistes it owes.

Common society demonizes anything that is done by the individual for himself yet the same society through religion claims that we will all be judged individually.

So wait a minute…

You are saying, the decisions we make and the actions we make are for the collective and should be for the community, but the community will not stand with me before earthly or spiritual tribunals?

So yes, Pastor Evan’s revolution could be about himself and there is nothing wrong with that in my reality, because I too do everything I do for myself, my God and my support systems.


  • Michael Mupotaringa is a political analyst, social commentator and co-editor on Khuluma Afrika. This article was extracted from his Facebook Page.

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