About Us


Khuluma Afrika online is a nonpartisan think tank which discusses African ideas from an African perspective by African thinkers and a budding center for investigative journalism.

At Khuluma Afrika we promote constructive and sober debate. The editorial does not hold any particular inclination towards any political parties, ideology, or movements. Our individual writers and contributors may have their own preferences, but they do not inspire the collective direction of the publication or its editorial policy.

Views of any nature are welcome, and encouraged. But we do take care to remind our contributors that debate is not about who points fingers the most, or who shouts the loudest.

Exchange, debate, disagreements, and disputes will be tolerated at all times, as long as they do not cross the boundaries of free speech into incitement, needless and non constructive insults, or degenerative sledging (trolling).

There are several places on the internet that promote and accept trolling for fun, and users and readers are welcome to sample these, but Khuluma Afrika is not the place, nor the forum for naughty kids.