Why Zimbabweans Are So Easy To Rule?


By Beniah Takunda Munengwa

With the situation prevalent in Zimbabwe, I just think that every president in the world would want to rule people like us. For the following reasons;

President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

When the worst hits town, leaders in Zimbabwe need not to worry because the innovative citizens of Zimbabwe will always rise to the occasion. To citizens of other nations, erratic water and electricity supplies are reasons enough to stir a revolution. What more the non-collection of litter, bad roads, corruption scandals and even rising signs of impoverishment?

But with the case of Zimbabweans, when the City Council and Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority ceases to supply water and electricity respectively, we don’t expect that they will rise up. No! They will rather dig wells in towns, buy power generators and adopt solar energy.

Given that the government fails to provide enough schools for our children, that again is not a problem worth protesting for. Someone will build private schools for them and all is catered for, whilst the government is folding its hands and maybe dozing at the same time.

The government is obliged to provide effective transport systems. Having inherited strategic rail systems from the Smith era, the current regimedid not manage to build on and now, there’s no rail network to talk about.

But because we have innovative citizens as I have said before, they ensured that haulage trucks dress up for the occasion. Unfortunately, nothing comes without repercussions. Road carnage has significantly increased.

Then came the problem of not managing to give the people affordable public transport coaches. ZUPCO evidently collapsed and entrepreneurs did not wait for long before they started importing Commuter Omnibuses for use in this field.

Even when they get to feel that where they are seated is getting into boiling or melting points, they will just sit back and improvise. No initiative is taken to force someone out of his or her comfort zones. It is a shame to note.

As far as a scenario like this remains, our leaders will remain complacent to lead us into better modes of life. Future leaders are also noting, that all what the citizens will do is mumble in their safe zones and never take it to the streets.

So who on earth would not want to rule a peaceful nation like this one, where bad and good will only lead to peace?

– This opinion article was originally posted on Nehanda Radio

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  1. Who needs government anyways, with enterprising and adaptive people like Zimbabweans! Government has 1 job, only: defense of the nation against foreign entities, through representation of the people through representative democracy (that is, voting directly for your councilor, not for some party, and voting him/her out if she goes bad). Anything else can be done by ourselves. Beniah Takunda Munengwa, what you see as a problem, is actually the solution! Stuff government. Rule yourselves!

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