Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me Twice Shame On Me!

Is Joice Mujuru a reformed freedom fighter? Or A Hoodlum desperate to piss on the electorate again?
Is Joice Mujuru a reformed freedom fighter? Or A Hoodlum desperate to piss on the electorate again?

By The Silent Voices

Every time I read what former VP Joyce Mujuru and other sacked ZANU PF stalwarts say, I get shocked. Whom do they think they are fooling?

Did they have to be kicked out of the party to realize that it was corrupt and desperate to hang on to power?

The thing is, they spent more than three decades enjoying the gravy-train and now they want us to believe they are genuine?

The country is on the brink of anarchy because of them.

They contributed to a large extent to what Zimbabwe is today.

At every election, they promised people heaven and gave them hell.

Zimbabweans live in severe and chronic poverty because of them.

Zimbabweans, must not be deceived by these people, they have nothing better to offer except empty words.

It is high time Zimbabweans stand up for their rights, challenge and change situations that keep them in oppression and poverty.

It’s time every person live according to their inherent dignity, being able to control their lives and futures.

This cannot happen if you believe these so called ‘freedom fighters’.

Everybody born before 1980 contributed to the liberation struggle in one way or another.

Some Zimbabweans have been reduced to forced or voluntary exile.

Those living in neighboring countries will testify to humiliating and degrading treatment.

The abuses include detention in cramped cells, abusive language, open hostility in public places and xenophobic utterances and action.

Quite a number of these exiles live in abject poverty unable to meet subsistence.

If we rally behind these people the country will sink deeper into lawlessness, hyper-inflation, unemployment and poverty.

Zimbabweans must refuse to have your democratic aspirations stifled by frauds masquerading as liberators.

Accepting Mugabe’s former chief lieutenant is accepting to remain the global laughing stock. KA