Jacob Mutisi: A Cruel Operative Worse Than Fidelis Fengu

    By Mark Jerry Andertons

    I happened to come across an article written by Maynard Manyowa, about Jacob Mutisi, and how he sexually assaulted several of his student employees, made them work 16 hour days on no remuneration, and used his connections and contacts in Zanu PF to escape prosecution, and increase his terror reign.

    I personally know the bloke, and went to school with him at Prince Edward High decades ago. Having read an account so similar to what I have experienced, I felt I too should share my experiences with him, and what I know about him.

    From as far as I can remember (High School), Mutisi has always been a man capable of the worst. From sodomising juniors at the hostels, and beating a rival with a hockey stick and breaking his nose.

    For as long as I have known him, Jacob Mutisi has always had a shocking record of violence, and one that easily surpasses ridiculous proportions.

    I happened to bump into him once, at Londoners Pub, in Strathaven, Harare about 2 years ago. He was critically drunk and behaving in his usual rowdy manner; waving his firearm in the air from time to time.

    Being the type that disfavor drama, I sat in a corner and enjoyed my beers in solace having passed my greetings to him.

    Around 0100hrs I observed him as he left the club in the company of a prostitute named Carolina, with whom he proceeded to rape and injure at his residence in Belvedere, before dropping her off next to lifeless at the entrance of the club just before 0300hrs.

    I personally ferried her to Parirenyatwa Hospital and paid for her medication (including a bribe as the doctors would not treat her without a medical report), before exchanging contacts with her friends, who promised to keep me updated on her progress.

    I returned to the UK weeks later, and learnt from the friend of the lady that the woman succumbed to injuries sustained in the assault.

    Jacob Mutisi had penetrated her rectum with the barrel of a gun and ruptured her blood vessels, and bashed her across the head with an iron causing permanent life threatening brain trauma.

    In the aftermath, I am informed the prostitutes at the club resolved to avoid transactions with Mutisi. However, that has not stopped him from abusing them.

    I spoke to one of the bouncers at the club via telephone to confirm this, and he narrated how Jacob Mutisi will often grab a prostitute of his choice by the throat and force her into his vehicle, before driving off.

    There have been no further reports of loss of life at his hands, but the girls at the Strathaven club are often on the receiving end of kidnapping and rape.

    Battering people with steal irons also seems to be a favourite criminal past time of Mutisi. For over 6 years now, he is wanted in the UK for battering his now ex-wife, kidnapping their twin boys and fleeing to Zimbabwe.

    The poor woman spent months in hospital recovering from the brutal effects of being pummeled with a cold iron across the face, and being forcibly submerged in a bathtub full of water.

    Having returned to Zimbabwe, after fleeing certain jail time in the UK, he used his connections to set-up his business network – Hansole Investments, where he sells pirated software to organisations around the country, sells user data to data miners, and cheats his way to an extra-curricular living.

    Companies who have been fleeced by this man include Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers, Transparency International, Christ Ministries, Heartfelt International Ministries, Zimbabwe National Parks, and Air Zimbabwe.

    I casually approached all these companies, and pointed out how they had been defrauded by Jacob Mutisi. Some expressed that they were unaware, but remained scared of pressing criminal charges against him and his company.

    Some said they had long been aware of the fraud, but had failed to have the Police take the reports seriously. Each time they opened a case, it found itself at Milton Park Police Station, where Jacob Mutisi happens to be part of the constabulary.

    The dockets ended up missing, and the company reps were subjected to horrendous torture.

    It does not take an ordinary man to sell fake back doored products to full corporates like Air Zimbabwe and anti-corruption agencies like Transparency International. But such is the power of Jacob Mutisi, and the strength of his business network.

    During the 2013 elections, he sold Bulk SMS texts to both Zanu PF and MDC-T, often giving both sides access to each other’s databases, and making a hefty killing out of it. For some reason, neither parties ever realised the error.

    I’m certain several accounts will spring up over the coming weeks, and people will come forward with their harrowing stories at the hands of Jacob Mutisi.

    But for now, what is cast in stone is that, Jacob Mutisi is another Fidelis Fengu. A dangerous deviant who for years had given his fellow Zimbabweans hell, and gotten away with it.

    As for how long that may last, not very long. It seems all the more certain Joice Mujuru will win elections in 2018, and these operatives will find that the wheels of justice are slow, but they are always moving.

    Under a People First government, such criminals will face the music that is the law. Which is ironic, because I am told stiff silence greets you within the four walls of Chikurubi Maximum prison – where the likes of Jacob Mutisi belong.

    • Mark Jerry Andertons is a former classmate and friend of Jacob Mutisi, and he submitted this article via Khuluma Afrika’s user contributions as an endorsive response to an article by Maynard Manyowa appearing on 25/05/16. We encourage readers with any further personal testimonies of their experiences with JK Mutisi to email [email protected]. Submissions will be treated with confidence.


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