Acie Lumumba, A Moron With An Ego

    By Maynard Manyowa

    In his famous song called ‘Ndeipi President’, Zim Dancehall Star, Platinum Prince begins with saying, “kungwara kunenge kupusa, kurinani pane kupusa kunenge kungwara.” Intelligence that appears stupid is better than stupidity masquerading as intelligence

    Mr. Gerald William Mutumanje (who lies about his real name & goes about calling himself Acie Lumumba) belongs to the second category (stupid pretending to be smart). He is a typical political moron who saw himself as a giant, and rode roughshod over the people he led, in many cases engaging in mafia-type conduct which caused extreme hardship on the people.

    What everyone has been complaining about

    In a series of widely publicized videos, Lumumba is quoted lamenting misrule at the hands of Zanu PF, corruption, victimization by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), and absence of the 2.2 million jobs promised by Zanu PF in 2013.

    Clearly the irony is lost on Mr. Acie Lumumba. It is easy to confuse these words as coming from an opposition leader such as Mrs. Joice Mujuru or Mr. Morgan Tsvangirayi.

    For well over 20 years now, this is what many Zimbabweans have been appealing for – a transition towards a democratic state which creates fair conditions for everyone and creates a basis for prosperity.

    Now that Mr. Lumumba is suddenly on the other side of the power divide, he now sees sense in striving for democracy?

    Men With Big Egos But No Intergrity

    Just like his esteemed leader Robert Mugabe, who would love to strut the world stage as a great philosopher, and champion of African renaissance while he loots the country dry, abuses the populace, and furthers the agenda of their suffering, Mr.  Lumumba has an overinflated ego and a grandiose image of himself.

    So much so, he uploads pics of himself topless on Social Media, and depicts himself as the champion of the youth and empowerment agenda – the same people he has raped and mutilated for over 7 years.

    For years, Acie Lumumba has been among the biggest challenges that Zimbabweans have faced – an underground thief who orchestrates amazing levels corruption, misappropriation of government funds, and converting funds meant for the public to personal use.

    After Acie Lumumba returned from his stint in Zambia, where he worked as an advisor to the President there, he became Saviour Kasukuwere’s advisor, and was offered a formal job within the Ministry of Youth.

    He was fired a few months later after he forged Minister Kasukuwere’s signature on official state documents that demanded payments from different companies for protection fees. The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Mr. Prince Mupazviriho fired him, and proceeded to lay criminal charges of fraud at the Harare Central Police Station.

    The charges were dropped after Mr. Kasukuwere returned from his short trip to Germany. The Minister insisted that firing Mr. Lumumba was enough.

    Years later, Mr. Lumumba was fired from Star FM Radio, after an internal audit revealed that with the help of Tichaona Matambanadzo, Mr. Lumumba had diverted $75, 000 USD payments from companies to accounts of companies he owned.

    He was arrested, and again charged with fraud. His political connections saved his skin, and the case went cold.

    Down the line in time Mr. Lumumba was picked up by police from Hatfield Police station, and arrested on sexual assault charges. At the intervention of certain government officials, the docket was made to disappear.

    Barely days later, another young girl, aged 15, and a high school student attempted to report a case of rape at the hands of Mr. Lumumba. The police reportedly refused to open a docket after being told the name of the assailant. Mr. Lumumba had the girl detained in police cells for 2 days, and her parents beaten up.

    The family fled to Botswana after the incident, where they now live as illegal immigrants.

    Just before the 2013 harmonized elections, Mr. Lumumba who was tasked with organizing funds for Youths, in some capacity at the Zimbabwe Youth Council, applied for a business loan under one of his many companies. He received $10, 000 USD, which he then used to pay the bride price for his wife, an employee at The Herald Newspaper at the time, in the marketing department.

    Quite recently Lumumba was fired from 16-35 Generational Consensus, after he began sending representatives of the organisation to radio without consent of his founding executives. He clashed heavily with Zimbabwe People First’s SetFree Mafukidze, whom he abused with extreme vulgar about his mother!

    A leopard does not change its spots

    There seems one constant about Mr. Lumumba – he seems to genuinely believe he can get away with anything. He quite arrogantly assumes everyone is stupid, and his devious mind will always be two steps ahead – that is the source of the ego

    I have written before about how much he has lied and stolen, in an article that can be found here, and I added further information here to prove to you that Mr. Lumumba is definitely a moron and a highly evil man.

    To understand why I insist that he is not just a moron, but one with an ego, you need to listen to his latest video. In it, he promises to create 1, 000, 000 (1 million) jobs in 100 days, and empower 5,000 companies.

    In the run up to elections in 2013, he was among the loudest people promising over 2.2 million jobs in 5 years, the bulk of them to be created within the first 3 years.

    3 years have passed, and as many as 200, 000 jobs have been lost, and an additional 500,000 as a result of the negative multiplier effect.

    Jobs are created by a functioning economy with strong institutions that govern the society. Zimbabwe has neither, and is on the brink of collapse.

    Despite all our problems, Mr. Lumumba, and against even the imagination of tooth fairies claims an even more ridiculous figure of 1, million jobs in 100 days.

    It is pointless to even expand on how this not only a lie, but impossible. Anyone who can think, even in the mildest of terms understands this.

    But what is illuminating is Mr. Lumumba’s ego. Having lied so much, about so much, including his name, he genuinely believes he can get away with anything, including the most ridiculous of lies.

    It is clear, Mr. Acie Mutumbashe, or Mr. Acie Marshal, or Mr. Acie Lumumba, depending on which one you decide to use believes Zimbabweans are stupid. It is either that, or he too is stupid, and blinded by his own ego and record of theft.

    • Maynard Manyowa is a political analyst, and social commentator.

    Editors: This is not to be republished without written consent from the editorial of this website – email [email protected] for accreditation.

    Note: Information provided regarding the name of Acie Lumumba’s wife as named on Online Wiki Pindula has been removed from this article. 

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