So Kasukuwere Wants To Kill Us All?

    By Maynard Manyowa

    A few days ago, Minister of Local Government, and Zanu PF’s Political Commissar, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere addressed party supporters Chikangwe Stadium in Karoi.

    It is there, that according to media reports, the Minister popularly known as Mike Tyson, because of his combative approach to politics was quoted as having said that, “Zanu PF is a violent party that crushes anyone who challenges it.”

    He warned all opposition parties to be strong because, “the ruling party has people with very big fists.”

    He also warned former Hurungwe West Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa that he would risk losing his farm should he continue standing up against Zanu PF.

    Mliswa, who is now the National Commander of YARD, a youth advocacy group made in the mirror image of Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters in South Africa had been harshly critical of Zanu PF’s hard handed approach to governance.

    Such utterances as those by Kasukuwere sum up the kind of leadership Zanu PF thrives on, and is a prophetic glimpse into the future – more specifically elections in 2018.

    The Return of 2008

    The year 2008 was and still among the worst to ever happen to any Zimbabwean. High inflation, unemployment, political instability, pre and post-election violence, a worthless Zimbabwean Dollar, state sponsored kidnappings, abductions, and monumental poverty.

    The years just before had been characterised by house demolitions, arrests of journalists, and arbitrary detentions of civilians.

    Fast forward to the present day, the Zim Dollar is returning in its other guise – as the bond note. Regardless of what the government tells you, or the governor either, the bond note is the effective return of the Zim Dollar.

    You can read about Gresham’s Law, an observation in economics – that states that when a lower value currency is introduced into the market and pegged at the same value with a more valuable currency, the more valuable currency will be hoarded, exported and will disappear from extinction altogether.

    Enter Saviour Kasukuwere, Professor Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao and the new grandmother, Grace Mugabe.

    Houses were demolished a few months ago, amid reports that Grace Mugabe, and her husband did not like the sight of the houses while driving home on their way from the airport.

    Ironic that the Mugabe’s would lament eyesores.

    When you run down a country and its infrastructure where do you expect beautiful buildings to come from? Magic?

    Patrick Zhuwao has been running around the country threatening businesses with closure, and dispensing illegal mafias through proxies to intimidate and harass foreign company directors into submission.

    And of course he went after the banks too, and destabilised the entire financial sector – Now the Zim Dollar has returned effectively.

    Jonathan Moyo on the other hand has been the pied piper, encouraging from the sidelines, in true spin doctor fashion.

    But if there was any doubt that 2008 has but returned in 2018, Kasukuwere has confirmed that.

    His utterances are chilling, arrogant, and frankly vulgar. But for all their distastefulness they are true.

    Nathan Shamuyarira once said, “The area of violence is one that Zanu PF has a long and successful history in”.

    Similarly, President Robert Mugabe once boasted that he had several degrees in violence

    General Vitalis Zvinavashe warned the opposition that the army would not support them, or recognise them – effectively dealing the elections a farce – as the army would instigate a military coup if their preferred candidate lost.

    Sounds familiar?

    Yes, that is the same thing Kasukuwere said in Karoi, except for one stark difference. Saviour Kasukuwere has the power of all the demons of the past, all cocktailed into one.

    He is the political commissar, charged with mobilizing support for Zanu PF – in reality it means he is charged with organizing armed gangs on behalf of G40.

    He is the minister in charge of local government and the man responsible for the house demolitions. He was the minister of youth for so many years and has control over the youth militia led by Kudzai Chipanga.

    No one underestimates the kind of reckless damage that Zanu PF can deliver to the people. Recent and distant history dictate that they can kill as many people as they have to, if only they stay in power – remember the mighty Ndebele genocide that left over 20, 000 dead?

    For 36 years, that has been the constant.

    As it stands, Zanu PF will lose the next election, and when Kasukuwere says such things, given his power and his reputation, even with a smile on his face, we must not be fooled.

    He meant every word he said in Karoi, and he will see to it that it happens – if and when he has too – in 2018 or even before that – either as Zanu PF or as his favourite Mafia gang G40

    • Maynard Manyowa is a political analyst, social commentator 

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