It Is All Fake, Robert Mugabe Is Actually A Spy For The CIA

Mugabe a member of the CIA
Mugabe a member of the CIA

By Kudana Wiriranayi Mark Kadenhe

Zanu Pf is a fake liberation party! It is virtually an extension of the Republican and Conservative parties. Most of its members are virtually CIA and MI6 agents. They might as well move Zanu headquarters to Langley, Virginia.

When Nkomo and other authentic liberation leaders were orchestrating the armed struggled, Zanu bourgeois were drinking and making merry in Mozambique, having their way with girls and their poor planning and Chinese military strategies coupled with selling out, got thousands of fighters and refugees killed.

Why did R.G.Mugabe appoint Ken Flower as head of the CIO in 1980 when Flower butchered many of our brethren. The same Ken Flower of the notorious Special Branch.

A man of Cornish extraction, who in his book and in numerous T.V interviews, boasts about helping form RENAMO and masterminding its operations to destabilise Mozambique.

Flower also threw spanners in Ian Smith’s works under orders from the Crown via the directorate of general foreign intelligence in MI6. Flower is regarded as the father of the CIO, and today many of his tactics and policies are still in use within that organisation.

Why did a Zanu led Gvt persecute Nkomo? They did so because Nkomo and his Zapu commanders intended to smuggle arms into South Africa to assist the ANC to wage war.

This could not have been allowed to happen since a number of high ranking Zanu officials had ties with B.O.S.S (apartheid South Africas intelligence organization).

What was Zanu Pfs response to Samora Machels murder?

What did Zanu do to help Angola when Castro mobilised troops from Havanna to thump counter revolutionary forces backed by SADF at Cuito Cuanavale?

I can bet my last bond note that none of you reading this post can list ten things Zanu has done for you in the past 36 years(unless you’re in the politburo.).

Zanu is brainless monster that seeks to devour anyone and everyone, before it turns on itself.

Well gentlemen, we cannot afford the time to watch while you destroy yourselves together with the country. It is now time to put the Zanu monster out of its misery.

It is time to set the people of Zimbabwe free. It is time to allow the youth to rule. It is time to live and let die…

  • Kudana Kadenhe is a widely read political commentator.