Mutodi: We Must Release Abducted Activist Dzamara

Itayi Dzamara: In state captivity
Itayi Dzamara: In state captivity

By Energy Mutodi

Pictures showing an image suspected to be the abducted MDC activist and journalist Itai Dzamara have today made sad reading to most Zimbabweans.

Dzamara went missing on March 9 and has not been found since then. When the journalist went missing, we all suspected it was a hoax by the MDC party to cause mayhem in the country and to precipitate an Arab-spring type of an uprising against the government of President Mugabe.

After being advised by a fellow party activist Fidelis Fengu, I wrote a story here on my Facebook page that was publicized by the media to the effect that Itai was hiding in Botswana.
Professor Jonathan Moyo also issued a statement saying that Itai had skipped the border to Mozambique adding that Zimbabwean borders were porous and that government could not be held accountable for missing persons.
However, a few months later, I received further information that disproved the earlier report I had got from Fengu. I shared that information with the police and with Dr Patson Dzamara.
I could not share that information with the public as it became and remains under police investigation.
Today’s images are disturbing and personally I wish Itai a safe return from wherever he is. I also regret my post on March 14 as it later came to my realization that it was a creation of one of our fellow activists Fidelis who desperately wanted to save the government from international condemnation following the abduction by suspected state security agents.
Zimbabweans are suffering and it is evil to abduct, incarcerate or ill treat anyone simply for demanding his rights and good governance.
As young Zimbabweans, we believe that no drop of blood needs to shed for political reasons as what has happened in the past.
Government needs to tolerate dissent and divergent views.

  • Energy Mutodi is a PhD student at the University of Cape Town Business School. He is a member of ZANU PF