Zimbabwe Can’t Be Trumped: Letter to Acie Lumumba (Part 1)

    By Hilary Mare

    Donald Trump’s propensity to be outrageous & controversial has put him in pole position to take over from Obama. Whilst its unprecedented, his approach will not work in Zimbabwe. It has not stopped career politicians like Lumumba from trying though. Here is part one of my letter to Acie Lumumba.

    Dear Cde Acie Lumumba (William Mutumanje)

    A wise man once wrote that, you could only fool some of the people all of the time, but it is impossible to fool all of the people all of the time.

    Over the last few months, there has been heated debate around your person. Something you have fueled by playing gimmick after gimmick. Some have called you a crook out to divert, while others have called you a crook out to deceive. I would you say you fall somewhere along the line of both. A wise man and a wise a guy.

    Many of the Zimbabwean Citizens have criticised your tendency to make “very predictable” and volatile remarks coupled with immature actions hinting at your reticence to confuse the electorate in the wake of the coming elections with your newly formed party.

    Fresh off the back of your nightmarish and failed popularity gimmick-the sex tape- I must say you have coped well with the marauding threat of pantomime villain (a political career choke) and now you’ve played a better card and F-ed the President which many people don’t see as smart yet I can clearly see the back of the playbook you borrowed it from.

    Let me re-explain to you what you did and trying to do with an example in which I pick Donald Trump as your inspirer to the move.

    Donald Trump is a real estate tycoon, reality TV show star and potential political candidate – and he’s one of the most derided men in America. He didn’t stumble into this reputation. In fact, he’s built his personal brand on being provocative.

    With almost 2.5 million Twitter followers, and more than 680,000 likes on Facebook, Donald Trump thrives on controversy, attracting a huge audience by churning out vitriol about everything from the rising power of China to the plummeting reputation of baseball star Alex Rodriguez. Donald Trump has his name on a lot of high-rise real estate, but none of it compares to the towering brand he’s constructed by spewing rage.

    This man who loves to be hated is getting his wish, and it’s helping him in his presidential bid. When he announced his candidacy at Trump Tower in New York City, Trump made derogatory comments about Mexican immigrants – calling them rapists and drug dealers.
    Polls conducted after his announcement show that his popularity has increased significantly. In a CNN/ORC national poll, Trump garnered 12% (up from 3% before his announcement), putting him in poll for the Republican nomination.

    Donald Trump strengthens his brand every time he denounces, criticizes, bullies, and berates others. Some assumed this was just part of the shtick he developed for The Apprentice. Not so: the acerbic Trump brand was built on real-world acrimony.

    Now back to you Mr Acie -your remarks yesterday were strategic and apart from launching your party, those same remarks were one of the main reasons why you had a media filled room and plenty of cameras that would set the right platform for you.

    Today twitter and other social media have amplified the platform, making your rage a phenomenally prominent attribute to you as a brand. Social media simply turbo-charged an image that you already built for speed and in the process you may have caught us napping and used us to elevate your chances of getting donor funding through the publicity that is interpreted as a shame locally but at the same time interpreted as having the guts to stand up to the President publicly by the outside world.

    Of course, vitriol is a two-way street. You invite it, knowing full well that this unrestrained attack will brew the controversy that surrounds you and strategically earns you something whilst the rest of us are sharing you and thinking that we are blasting you yet we are only putting your name on full blast.

    Now let me illustrate to you how this will fail you dismally

    Firstly…….. (To be continued)

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