Giant awoken: Zimbabwe on eve of massive revolution

     By Toendepi Shonhe

    The people are now coming out and waking up, creating their own media, marching in the streets, speaking out and demanding what is rightfully theirs, much to the chagrin of the vampire state. Citizens are now committed to emancipating themselves, creating another World order for themselves.

    Zimbabwe is ready for a complete revolution. Lenin foretold that a part of the society or ‘class emancipates the whole of society, but only provided the whole of society is in the same situation as this class… and ‘No class of civil society can play this role without arousing a moment of enthusiasm in itself and in the masses, a moment in which it fraternizes and merges with society in general, becomes confused with it and is perceived and acknowledged as its general representative, a moment in which its claims and rights are truly the claims and rights of society itself, a moment in which it is truly the social head and the social heart’.

    To be sure, this emancipatory moment beckons when society secures consensus on the origins and estate of their challenges. Simply put, the society establishes the estate of the general stumbling block to progress, and the sphere of that dominate society wrongs becomes observable. Such is the situation that Zimbabwe has become.

    The criminal class that Zanu PF has established itself to be is now common knowledge. The revolutionary party has become that constituency exercising the kind of penetration and ruthlessness that makes it stark out as the negative representative of society. It is now the common enemy of today. Not a cabal within this party, the whole part. Society has stopped searching.

    A radicalisation of the emancipating class composed of the oppressed has emerged. Because the majority are suffering, the class is made up of the majority of Zimbabweans. The majority of the masses are being self-radicalised by debilitating circumstances. The June 6, 2016 national strike epitomises this point.

    The Occupy Movement’s sudden rise captures this moment beyond doubt. The Occupy Movement and its variants has committed itself to withstand repression, pushback by police brutality, mass arrests, trumped-up charges, restrictive laws, surveillance, infiltration, raids and unwarranted torture.

    The people are now coming out and waking up, creating their own media, marching in the streets, speaking out and demanding what is rightfully theirs, much to the chagrin of the vampire state. Citizens are now committed to emancipating themselves, creating another World order for themselves.

    The economy has become not just a lethal weapon and the biggest threat to Zanu PF, but the rallying point for the masses. The Occupy Movement, Tajamuka and #Thisflag embodies the virtual political organisation of the masses.

    In its various shades the movement has assumed the responsibility to support the unemployed youths, the toiling peasants, and the impoverished masses, the vendors. These struggles in their diverse particularist fashion, their fervent and active form have begun to agitate for real change, in the streets, in the farms, in industry and in schools, colleges and universities. The churches pray for change and for guidance in this final onslaught for transformation.

    Citizens have now created avenues for scaffolding to heights beyond fear induced by the state. For, how can fear remain an impediment in the face of this suffering?

    The poverty and suffering is already so scaring that citizens have now escaped its negative effect.  Concrete action has replaced hesitation or narrow imagination, as the game in town, the real deal. All organisations in civil society, the political parties, civil servants, youth organisations and vendors have been rounded up for this one common activity.

    The media has aided, shaping the discourse, albeit currently in very rudimental fashion. But social media has been more effective in reaching out to the broadest of the social strata who face discontent of one form or the other. Social media has become the “all-Zimbabwe political newspaper” supporting and ensuring seizure of the moment and that revolutionaries keep contracts with one another, maintain secrecy and create the “virtual NEW and real political party” for change.

    No government anywhere has been able to stop this kind of revolution, a revolution and idea whose time has come. If the state believed it is able to maintain suppression by hiking poverty and exclusion. That was a mistake. It has now excluded educated citizens who now aid and shape the fightback. What with countless graduates now in the street, jobless? Change is nigh!

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