Becoming clear that Zanu PF leadership does not have faculties in order

    By Maynard Manyowa

    Zanu PF has not quite learnt the difference between make-believe and reality. Giving problems a different name can no longer make them magically disappear. Creating a false narrative borne of their own imagination is not useful and will not stop Robert Mugabe’s demise.

    If there is one thing that Zanu PF has not learnt, it is that an imitation is not and can never be the same thing as the real thing. They have not quite grasped that reality and fantasy may run parallel but they are not, and can never be equivalent.

    Denialism maybe one thing, at times it may even be confused for resolution, but dabbling and believing in fantasy is another thing altogether. When make-believe is repeatedly flaunted as reality, it leads to diagnosis in Schizophrenia.

    In the discipline of Psychology, Schizophrenia is widely accepted as the worst mental and psychological ailment that can bedevil men. It is a debilitating ailment, in which the victim cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy.

    Those that suffer from it almost always end up roaming the streets, eating dirt, and muffling to themselves. It has no known treatment, but can be managed.

    For one reason or the other Robert Mugabe and his merry band of praise singers appear to be suffering from this unfortunate illness, which itself would be unfortunate, but is now tragic, given that their clear Schizophrenia has become a national problem.

    This recent week, we watched in utter shock, as the Zanu PF Youth League invited several youths of all political divides to attend a rally and receive free residential stands. As if the absurdity of the offer was not enough, spin doctors from the ruling party attempted to spin the subsequent attendance as some form of solidarity march – claiming attendees were there is camaraderie with Robert Mugabe and his party.

    To begin with, anyone with half a functional brain would be fully aware that in 2013, just before the elections, hundreds of thousands of people received free residential stands.

    2 years later, in 2015, all houses that were built on these “free land” were deemed illegal structures and illegally bulldozed to the ground. Leading to severe economic loss, and sadly loss of vital shelter to hundreds of young children in the midst of the most unforgiving cold winters in over a century.

    But if that absurdity was mind-boggling, then the claims that all who attended were there to show support for Mugabe is mind-blowing.

    That claim alone has left no doubt in my mind that whoever is calling the shots at Jongwe House, be it Saviour Kasukuwere, or Grace Mugabe has their faculties on holiday somewhere.

    Look, when you promise people freebies, it is nonsense to believe that those that show up are there for any other reason.

    This is akin to a lady of the night offering free services, and then waking up and claiming that the 1,000 plus men who came over were there to propose marriage.

    We all know that those who attended the “solidarity march” were there under the impression that they will receive free land, only to be handed pro-Mugabe posters.

    That Zanu PF believes they can spin such support into credible voters is beyond make-believe, it borders on illegal drug use or simple Schizophrenia, if not drug induced mental retardation.

    As I said, Zanu PF has not yet learnt that there is a massive difference between imitating strength, and tangible strength.

    The people who attended that march were there for the freebies. They are not Zanu PF supporters, and will not vote Zanu PF.

    Which brings me to the second matter, that of our dear war veterans who officially parted ways with Robert Mugabe, and reasonably so.

    It is pointless to go into the points the ex-guerillas raised as reason for their divorce from Zanu PF. It is the same thing Pastor Evan Mawarire and #ThisFlag have been saying for months now.

    What is quite indicting however is that Mugabe’s minions have now come out guns not so blazing and claimed that the points raised were not raised by ‘genuine war veterans’?

    In fact, they are desperately trying to nail War Veterans leader, Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa as the man responsible for the War Vet walk out.

    Well, to begin with, anyone half acquainted with the event will know that the communique was endorsed by all structures and all provinces of the war veterans association.

    For all his falling out, Mutsvangwa was not even in the country when the meeting was planned and convened. Making him a scapegoat will not change the truth – war vets want Mugabe gone, and pronto!

    Furthermore, the authors of the communique are known. The meeting that led to it was held in view of the public, journalists and even members of the secret police.

    Mugabe was attacked left, right, center, and behind! And by members of the floor.

    The communique was released at the behest of all ordinary members of the association. Anyone who attended the meeting knows this. Anyone claimed otherwise must have a bed reserved at the nearest mental asylum.

    Claiming the document was or is the architecture of Chris Mutsvangwa will not change the fact that War Vets are disillusioned and want Mugabe gone.

    Not just the war veterans, Evan Mawarire and 13 million Zimbabweans want Mugabe in his grave sooner than later.

    Zanu PF has not quite learnt the difference between make-believe and reality. Giving problems a different name can no longer make them magically disappear. Creating a false narrative borne of their own imagination is not useful and will not stop Robert Mugabe’s demise.

    If Mujuru was blamed for ‘Bhora Musango’, then Mugabe is kicking the ball into bush himself and his wife and the faction loyal to him are cheering on.

    Dare I say, the leadership is Schizophrenic. They belong in an asylum and not government. This has been qualified further by events of last week.

    • Maynard Manyowa is the co-editor of Khuluma Afrika – a non-partisan center for political analysis and investigative journalism


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