G40 attack dog mandi Chimene prostituting herself to Mugabe for gravy

Mandi Chimene has assumed the role of attack dog for Mugabe's G40 faction in Zanu PF. A prostitute by nature, she is opening opening her legs to Mugabe for gravy.
Mandi Chimene has assumed the role of attack dog for Mugabe's G40 faction in Zanu PF. A prostitute by nature, she is opening opening her legs to Mugabe for gravy.

By Edinah Masanga

ZANU PF politics continue to get shambolic and dirty every day, dragging Zimbabwe down with it; it is the only party where harbouring presidential ambitions against a 92-year-old despotic leader is considered a treasonous attack on his person, an enmity to the nation state and doing so invites verbal public lynching by women close to him, who are undoubtedly benefitting from his overstay in the position. The million-dollar question is, is Zimbabwe a personal piece of land belonging to Robert Mugabe?

The naming and shaming of vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa – whose nickname Ngwena (crocodile) is well known to Zimbabweans, by the irrelevant Mandi Chimene, is just plainly a waste of our time and morally bankrupt in the face of much more pressing issues in the country. Firstly, I take that as Chimene just prostituting herself for the Mugabe gravy train, but I also feel insulted that she thinks only Mugabe must dictate to us who can run for president.

Secondly, and more importantly, the way Chimene was yapping – Grace Mugabe style – ransacking the character of Mnangagwa (not that I care about him) makes me sad as a woman because I did not want to believe it but it seems that Mugabe uses women as disposable pawns to fight his cause and enable him to hang onto power.

This public showdown had all the footprints of Mugabe’s women-pawns strategy all over again; remember when he wanted to play the women’s card he appointed Mujuru as VP and when he wanted to push Mujuru out he sent his wife to take over the women’s league, used Oppah Muchinguri to campaign for Grace and now Oppah is in oblivion. Now, enter the senseless Chimene. It’s speculation yes, but it’s plausible speculation.

It is intellectually disrespectful (not that I am implying that Chimene and her predecessor in the public shaming department, Grace Mugabe, have any intellect) to be made spectators for such idiocy while the country is heading for a total breakdown, people are going to bed hungry, and we have this woman telling us Mugabe must stay, and continue to ruin the country – as long as the likes of her, Chimene, benefit, the rest of the country can starve; who cares.

What has Mugabe done for Zimbabwe which is considered justification for him to be life president of the country? Not that he still has much life ahead of him, unless he has the power to rig nature as well, but the urgent thing that all of us Zimbabweans want is for him to leave the presidency, him and his party, and let someone take over the reins and save the country from sinking.

I have said before that I am an opportunist commentator, I’m not politically affiliated with any party, but I definitely consider Zanu PF an enemy of the people. Logically, on a very basic level, you would think that the physical suffering of Zimbabweans would move the ruling party to be compassionate, concede failure and pave the way for a transition. But no, mistress Chimene wants the suffering to go on and, as long as we suffer while she benefits, she will sing for her supper.

It would have been better if she was making sense. Telling a crocodile to go into the water implies that she actually does not know that crocodiles are extremely powerful when in water, but I don’t believe that the crocodile in question actually has any power at all. Ah, if it were me, with all the presumable power that the croc is alleged to have, I would surely respond. I am beginning to doubt whether the croc in question is indeed a croc; it could just be a frog.

There is a little drama queen in me that is yearning to see the croc retaliate with all its perceived power, and while I’m at that, I am wondering if there is still Zanu PF to talk about. The only thing that seems to be strong right now is the security agencies, which the government is failing to pay on time. Zimbabwe could not be heading for a worse time.

However, I am of the opinion that the continued implosion of Zanu PF; even though Grace Mugabe, and her squad of politically substance-less loud mouths, want to downplay it and posit Robert Mugabe as being in control; continues to weaken the rogue party.

With ex-VP Joice Mujuru and her ZimPF now on the scene, The MDC-T (save for the recent dictatorial blunder) being a favourite of the people, Welshman Ncube holding fort in Bulawayo and Tendai Biti courting public affection by taking on charitable cases for girls (thereby presenting himself as fighting for the poor) and Thoko Khupe playing the gender card, I don’t see why the Zim opposition can’t unite at this critical hour and make possible the final push to send Mugabe packing.

Edinah Masanga is a Zimbabwean journalist and writer. You can contact her on Facebook or Twitter as @EdinahMasanga.