A thief, a crook, a Liar: An open letter to Saviour Kasukuwere

    I have no doubt that you think Zimbabweans are stupid. They know what you did with the land, and they know what you are doing with the party, and their resources. You have not only sold the land; you have sold the party.

    By Godwin S Gomwe

    To Honourable Saviour Kasukuwere

    I find it personally inconsiderable and unpalatable that till this day I have to address you as honourable, even though it is abundantly and evidently clear that your behaviour, your history, and even your present is not commensurate with honour, dignity, and let alone the title of honourable.

    And yet, the absurdity of the word honour appearing next to your name by magnitude is a speck of dust by the mountain side. It is that mountain side I wish to speak of today.

    I am a former Zanu PF Youth leader for Harare Province. I was born and bred that way, and in true fashion. I was never parachuted through the ranks, but rewarded through loyalty and commitment to the values of the party, the values of freedom, equality, sovereignty and constitutionalism.

    As a loyal defender, and follower of the true history of our founding fathers such as, Robert Mugabe, Joshua Nkomo, Josiah Tongogara, Herbert Chitepo, and many of our fathers who embody the struggle to end imperial rule and the revolution to deliver economic emancipation to our people,

    I was trained early to respect protocol, to observe seniority, and use official channels to air my views.

    Sadly, at times, when thieves besiege the revolution they make it their task to block all avenues for reprimand. This is something you have guaranteed by your cunning nature, and mafia tendencies.

    It is unfortunate that as our party burns, I have to address you in an open letter, but I have been left with no other choice. I cannot commit to protect your corrupt and destructive thuggery at the expense of the Zimbabwean people.

    It is my duty as a youth leader, and activist to protect both Zanu PF, but more importantly the Zimbabwean people from being urinated on, and told that it is raining – something you habitually and consistently do.

    I understand you may accuse me of sending the accusation before the proof, but I urge you to read on, as I intend to shed light on your person, your corrupt tendencies, and your rogue desire to mislead the revolution.

    They say thieves have a short memory, and I wish to draw your collective memory to statements you echoed yesterday when the president quizzed you about your corrupt deals involving land, a quiz you side stepped by claiming the media was creating fake stories to tarnish your name.

    At the single moment Un-Honourable Kasukuwere, you personified everything I have always secretlyn held to be your true self: a lying, conniving and thieving. I can no longer allow you to urinate on everyone’s head, and tell them it is raining. Whether it is his excellency the President, or it is normal Zimbabweans.

    Whilst you claimed to the President that the media created stories, you neglected to do the honourable thing and confess to your illegal activities. As such I shall not refer to you as Honourable anymore, but rather Mr Kasukuwere, and yet even that is a bitter pill to swallow, as the only title you deserve is Convict Kasukuwere.

    First and foremost, by saying it is the media that reported the matter, are you then implying that the President deals in rumours, and hearsay? Is that not an insult, to think President Mugabe would froth at the mouth based on rumours? Do you think our President is stupid Mr Kasukuwere?, I am kindly appealing Cde VP Mphoko to call Kasukuwere for hearing for denigrating our President s Intelligence.

    As Minister of Environment, you sanctioned the plunder of our resources. Our nation lost our wildlife including baboons, ellephants etc which you as the government watchman by that time could not even give any light. Not only that, our country lost over 100 elephants.

    They were poisoned under your watch with cyanide. There are no prizes for guessing who imported that cyanide, who stole the tusks, and what happened to our wildlife. It is an area people will be looking into soon.

    You have done the same as Minister of Local Government. While you blame the media, is it not a fact that you sold land to Prophet Walter Magaya?

    You see Mr Kasukuwere, stands do not grown on trees, especially 90,000 stands. The President knows this; we all know this.

    What about all those land deals which you have sanctioned without the knowledge of Urban Planning departments?

    After you became Local Government Minister you went and destroyed people’s homes all over the country in a second batch of Murambatsvina. To make it worse, you lied that it was President Mugabe who ordered the destruction of people’s homes.

    Through your illegal underground media channels, you lied that it was Grace Mugabe who said the houses along airport road are ugly. Yet, you took the land after destroying the homes and sold it Walter Magaya.

    Why then Mr Kasukuwere would you claim that it is the media that wrote ‘lies’. What about all these facts?

    Today the world believes President Mugabe and his wife destroyed homes for eye candy, and yet it was you who ordered the destruction so you could annex the land.

    Tomorrow when the world learns about the destruction of our wildlife reserves, they will blame President Mugabe, when in fact it was through your incompetence, upto now ther are no details as to what transpired in the destruction of our country s wildlife.

    A fellow colleague wrote last week that you are the single most destructive force and factor in Zanu PF, and Zimbabwe. I am afraid he was right.

    I am tempted to remember sometime in May 2015 when Terrence Mukupe was campaigning for byelection and you were smuggling Shady Mashayamombe into the Zanu PF matrix, you said that,
    Shaddy akaba chitima tinonoudza vanhu kuti aiwa akaba ma cardbox even it is visible in the streets (If Shady steals a train we will tell people that he stole cardboard boxes), but if you insult your seniors we will throw you in jail”, What a leader , shame on you.

    In the same vein, you have celebrated yourself as the “biggest political thug”, something which you have proven but will be held to account for. That I can promise you.

    You have protected criminals, while you have been a criminal yourself. When I spoke to you about your waywardness, you sent Acie Lumumba, a curious character himself to attack me left right and center.

    You plotted my expulsion from the party, and that of many other youth leaders who refused to take orders from you to insult party leaders. But I suppose in Acie Lumumba, you found a young man who is not schooled in Zanu PF principle to do your dirty job.

    I have been asked several times, that is it not odd, that Lumumba, the man you imported from borders afar can attack the President with words that I can’t repeat on print, and yet he never says a word about you. However, I do not.

    It is common knowledge that you are Lumumba’s handler. It was you that violated party procedures and parachuted him into leadership positions. While you were Minister of Youth he was your runner boy, demanding Indigenisation protection fees on your behalf.

    When the war veterans spoke about the direction of the party and country was going under you, you caused a rift between the President and those that guarantee his legacy. Under your cunning direction and plots, you drove a wedge between our war veterans and their patron. You schemed with your sidekicks to ruin legacy of the revolution.

    I have no doubt that you dislike our president, and think he is a fool. You think he does not know what happened with the land?

    I have no doubt that you think Zimbabweans are stupid. They know what you did with the land, and they know what you are doing with the party, and their resources. You have not only sold the land; you have sold the party.

    You Mr Kasukuwere are the worst political commissar in history, but the greatest tragedy is that through lying and stealing, you have destroyed Zanu PF then Zimbabwe, in that order.

    As we speak, all 10 provinces are crashing and disintegrating. Today our party has a hitherto unprecedented culture of attacking leaders. Something that was alien in 35 years of Zanu PF unity.

    I have had no other choice but to call you out. I intend to speak more in the coming days, before you destroy the legacy of our president, beyond a point where it can be retrieved.

    • Godwin S Gomwe is a political activist and former Youth Chair for Harare province.

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