Sustained Pressure: Its time to confront Mugabe regime

    By Roy Muroyi

    Today Zimbabwean across the world  woke up to the sad reality that Robert Mugabe is still their president at 92, the other Zanu pf faction known as the G40 even is even clamoring for Mugabe to stand in the 2018 elections besides him being 94.

    Mugabe even claims he has the mandate of the people and yet we all know that he was never voted by the people of Zimbabwe. Mugabe won an uncontested election after the so called reformist Jabulani Sibanda and company ran amok destroying all opposition support violently.

    In simple English Mugabe voted himself in as president. The President of the republic has prophesied ignorance over issues of national significance since he lost the people’s mandate.

    We cannot blame him as it is not possible to lead a people that disapprove of your leadership. Even in a monarchy, a king tries by all means to get the approval of his people. Mugabe today continues to be paraded as our president.

    This charade has been ongoing since 2013 and the opposition cannot do anything about it except complain and demonstrate. Mugabe’s response to these complains and demonstrations has been what Nelson Mandela called “savage attacks on unarmed civilians”.

    The good leader has robbed in the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to do his dirty work for him. The despot  leader continues  to prophesy utter most ignorance to the demonstrations and pleas of the people.

    Zanu pf in fact has come up with a strategy of replicating the MDC marches in their so called “Support for Mugabe” fashion. Social Media  has gone rifle after the good pastor , pastor Evan Mawarire  left the country for his own protection.

    Again Zanu pf propaganda is being propelled against the good pastor that he is now living large with donors’ moneys outside the Zimbabwean boarders, and it is very unfortunate that peace loving Zimbabweans and other pro democracy activists across the nation have bought into this Zanu pf propaganda theory just like we all bought into the theory that “Hondo yeminda/fast track land grab “ was to the benefit of the black Zimbabwean.

    May we remember comrades that our enemy here is Zanu pf dictatorship and not the good pastor. May we remember comrades that the person who owes us explanations is the very same Mugabe who claims we voted for him and not Mawarire.

    May we on this day not forget comrades that Mawarire , Tsvangirai , Biti or any other politicians or activist in the main stream opposition  political parties does not govern the country but Mugabe and Zanu pf does.

    If ever Zimbabwe is going to usher in a new government , we as Zimbabweans need to seriously change our attitude and thinking. To quote one of the youth  leaders known as Cde Bvondo “ Nyaya dze politics  idzi inyaya dzine makuva mukati, inyaya dzine ropa mukati, tikafunga kuti idambe Mugabe hatifi takamubvisa mu office/ Political issues  involve death and blood if we think its child’s play , we will never remove Mugabe from office

    This is not time for politicians in the opposition parties to act like celebrities  and as well it’s not time for the Zimbabwean populace to  criticize  and analyze everything that  fellow Zimbabweans have tried to do for the benefit of every one.

    We need to embrace each other’s ideas so as to build a formidable force before 2018. Unconstructive criticism at this point will only aid the despot leader’s hold over power.

    The #TagThis Flag movement has made some notable contributions to the struggle for example building a spirit of national unity of purpose amongst ordinary citizens and the religious sector. We saw church pastors, citizens and other movements such as the Tajamuka movement uniting in protests against pastor Mawarire’s arrest.

    There was even a prayer session at one point at the court. I vividly remember seeing Nelson Chamisa and a number of lawyers at the court in solidarity with the #tag movement. Mkoma Job “Wiwa” Sikhala and other MDC members and officials also stood to be counted with the #tag movement. This is the spirit that Zimbabwe needs going forward.

    I have no doubt today in my mind that the MDC stands as the biggest opposition political party in Zimbabwe. This is evidenced the votes they get come election day besides claims that Zanu pf continue to rig the elections.

    This is further evidenced by the numbers we saw during the MDC demonstrations, as numbers do not lie. In my view the MDC is on point on issues of mobilization and preaching the gospel of democracy.

    The recent introduction of additional two vice presidents is evidence enough to me that the party is serious about mobilization. What I see lacking in the MDC is the ability to turn the people’s support into the people’s power.  Besides all this support the MDC has failed to turn the people support into people power!

    The recent demonstrations by civil groups and the MDC itself have showed that Mugabe continues to prophesy ignorance to the pleas of the people. He continues to down play the demonstrations by pretending that “nothing happened”. What I think will wake Mugabe up is one Big United  demonstration straight to the state house.

    A complete halt of business in Zimbabwe with all opposition political parties , civil organizations and citizens not moving an inch away from state house until  the people get an answer. The MDC because it has the majority’s mandate I believe it has the power to organize this, unlike small un co-ordinated demonstrations with less numbers.

    The Chiwengas and the Chihuris of Zimbabwe continue to threaten the masses, but in light of the #TagThisFlag , Tajamuka demonstrations we all saw that the people  are no longer scared of these threats.

    A well known peaceful people, Zimbabweans have been forced by the shackles of poverty to adopt the “kusiri kufa ndekupi/ either way we are dying “ approach. It is now time to find the missing link and get our grievances heard. Like what the war veterans did in 1997 though it came as a major blow to the Zimbabwean economy the war veterans achieved their goal.  

    We should also be motivated by the recent war vets demonstration. Ironically this time around “wana mukoma waka fenda ngekudirwa mvura basi/war veterans fainted because of mare water”   and yet when Zanu pf policies suited them they always threatened to take up arms and go back to the bush.

    The most logical thing to do under the current circumstances is not to go back to the bush but to mobilize and confront Mugabe until something happens.

    The 2018 elections are coming, but to me I do not see the MDC or any other political party winning it as it is an open secret that Zanu pf will not leave by the pen. They are bent on subverting the will of the people so they can stay in power.

    • Roy Muroyi is a pro-democracy  promoter , who strongly believes in Youth Emancipation in all facets of governance. He writes in his own capacity and can be contacted on [email protected]


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