Dzamara, Mawarire and Lumumba are terrorists that must be hanged – Maziwisa

    By Immigration Maziwisa

    The last few months have been interesting in Zimbabwean politics because many youthful politicians have been erupting like a ferocious volcano. Thankfully, their initial agenda was been detected sooner rather than later.

    Recent events have revealed that many uprising politicians are deceitful, fame-seeking individuals who are merely using politics as a source of income and a gateway to attain visas to the United States. Alas, their mission is to accumulate wealth for their families at the expense of millions of Zimbabweans.

    In the process they are betraying many good men and woman who are desperate for sanctions to be lifted and for bona-fide development to commence in Zimbabwe.  

    Evan Mawarire emerged at the recent UN General Assembly looking noticeably thrilled to be in America. His plan to deceive millions of unsuspecting Zimbabweans had finally paid off. Based on the judgement of his facial appearance, Mawarire was ultimately in a country of his dreams. Indeed evil does not know its name.

    Evan Mawarire has suddenly come face to face with the reality of luxury and flamboyance. In the midst of such affluence and for that reason alone, he will never return to Harare in his lifetime.

    Yet, on Wednesday 13 July 2016, close to 5 000 people gathered outside a court in Harare. Evan Mawarire, was their man. They were rallying behind him after he had been arrested for attempting to overthrow a legitimately elected government.

    It was a day of mixed emotions because there was a coordinated display of solidarity as the hefty crowd chanted revolutionary songs, prayed and cried simultaneously. The atmosphere resembled a congregation of Christians celebrating the birth of Christ. Eventually, after the release of Mawarire, there was municipal merriment outside the Courts.

    His release was also celebrated by some Zimbabweans all over the world. After a few hours, Mawarire sneaked to neighbouring South Africa and later fled to the United States of America. That was the end of the adventurous episode.

    In any case, Mawarire’s appearance on the political scene was a plan cautiously designed as a strategy to relocate to America. Equipped with eloquence and gifted with the ability to provoke deep emotions, Mawarire began his mission with home-made videos which he distributed across the social media.

    They were so captivating that I remember shedding a few tears upon watching them. In a manner similar to experienced conmen, Mawarire would weep like an orphan mourning the death of his last bread winner. He had mastered the art to attract attention and provoke deep emotions.

    However, his deception was soon exposed when he used his first opportunity to visit America to settle there with his family. His recent petitions to block investment in the country have exposed him as a wicked man who is not against Robert Mugabe and his government but against development in Zimbabwe. Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man, submitted his interests to open the largest cement plant on the continent, in Zimbabwe. In the end, Aliko Dangote will make a business decision to invest in Zimbabwe because it is profitable. He will not abandon his plans because Evan Mawarire has spoken. Nevertheless, Evan Mawarire’s rise was as sudden as his fall.

    Patson Dzamara’s recent conduct deserves special scrutiny. Recently at the UN General Assembly, he submitted a petition at the World Bank instructing them to not extent their financial support to Zimbabwe. Meanwhile, the IMF has ruled out financial support for Zimbabwe and Patson should understand the real consequences of his recent actions in New York.

    He has not only blocked funding for Zimbabwe, he has destroyed the prospects of a hopeful nation and ruined the lives of future generations. He should comprehend that he did not just submit a piece of paper to the World Bank; he submitted a petition whose contents are capable of damaging the reputation of an entire civilization.

    Patson should be ashamed of himself because his conduct is not consistent with a truly progressive democrat.  He is amongst selfish activists who submitted petitions for the International community to isolate the government of Zimbabwe, including China. While his conduct is brutal, it is understandable because he was raised in Glenview 7, a high density suburb in Harare.

    It is a place of limited flamboyance therefore one could comprehend his juvenile excitement to visit the General Assembly Headquarters. He was in New York for the first time and it also appeared that posing in front of the White House was his primary mission. His excitement resembled a juvenile touring the amusement park.

    However, in celebration of recent events, Patson bought a luxurious cell-phone and elegant shirts during his stay in New York.  Clearly, his treachery is eventually paying off and he must be boasting about it.

    On the face of it, the betrayal being exhibited by Patson Dzamara, Evan Mawarire and Acie Lumumba appear to carry some very serious criminal implications.



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