Chimene and Mahoka: Of Drug addicts and Grade 2 drop outs caught offside

    By Tirimusango Wenje

    The revolutionary party Zanu PF has remained what it is today because of the values of unity, discipline and respect which are all espoused in the party’s constitution and above all lay ingrained in the party ideological underpinnings.

    The period after the 2013 elections saw the dirty cabal which sought to unconstitutionally remove the President who had been elected overwhelmingly in the 2013 elections, being chucked out of the party and indeed we all thought the party was geared for progress in as far as fulfilling the electoral promises was concerned.

    When sanity was prevailing and everyone was gearing their energies towards the fulfillment of the ZIMASSET and the well thought-out 10 point plan initiated by His Excellency, from nowhere came two misdirected women whom one could mistake delusional psychopaths- one Sarah Mahoka and the other Mandi Chimene.

    Of cause for lack of wisdom these two women began a very misdirected journey to disorder as they unrelentlessly attacked the Vice President and second secretary of the party appointed by HE.

    They spent their energies publicly lying to his Excellency that VP was leading a faction, yet in actual sense we knew that the VP was among those who initiated the orderly ONE CENTRE OF POWER which by now has reduced the bickering for ‘dirty’ power that was being pushed by the now erstwhile Mujuru and her confused cabal.

    First to enjoy the unwise benefits of little brains and mad woman rumblings was Sarah Mahoka who one meeting attacked VaMnangagwa referimg to him as a ‘lame duck’.

    To Mahoka, you enjoyed publicity those days and many saw you as being sent by what we all knew as G40, a grouping of those we knew to be lacking the ideological standing on what Zanu PF stands for.

    To Sarahe, did you honestly think that the president could believe your lies made from the devil’s oven that the Vice President was sending people to remove vaMugabe? Did you even believe your own lies?

    Did you think that if the VP as revolutionary as he is could do the unthinkable and plot on removing a president who commands over 2 million support in voters and an extra over 4 million in those who do not think its necessary to vote because they all know President Mugabe is an icon?

    Oh by the way you confessed that you are a grade 2 drop out? That’s why!

    I thank the VP Mnangagwa for remaining focused in the face of those immature rantings for he as some of us knew that one day the truth would come out.

    Then months later came Mandi Chimene that self-confessed drunkard, who at a public address whose ego was pushed by the presence of thousands publicly declared ‘Makarwe ngaagare kumvura’ meaning ‘let the crocodiles remain in the river’ in reference to VP ED.

    However, President Mugabe and DR Amai Mugabe last week made it clear that it was not the duty of the woman’s league nor its intention to remove any of the two VPs, fearing reprimand Mandi claims she never insulted or attacked the VP. Hehehehe!

    But is it not you sisi Mandi who boldly declared that ED led Tsholotsho and Lacoste, was that not an attack? You even went on to maliciously suggest that the VP was leading a parallel government which was opposing President Mugabe.

    At times it is better to behave like and elderly or at least for once avoid smoking too much dagga to avoid embarrassment. If you truly were in the liberation struggle why have you allowed yourselves to be used war deserters at the expense to preserving the legacy of the revolutionary party?

    Last but not least I would like to remind you that if you live in glass houses you should avoid throwing stones and as the old adage goes ‘usatuke mvuu usati wayambuka mhiri kwerwizi unorumwa.

    Since tete Mandy makamboti makarwe ngaagare mumvura Zanu PF harisi dziva remagarwe nhasi ngaauye kuvanhu? Do you see how unwise you were by just spiting undiluted hubris and venom from your mouth without verifying facts?

    If you had respect for Cde Emmerson why did you tell him in private that you suspected he was leading a faction and that some people were abusing his name associating him with imaginary factions? Makarasika tete.

    Now that VP Mnangagwa and his counterpart Cde VP Mphoko will stay until the next congress where His Excellency will choose to replace or retain them where shall you hide?

    Again in Shona we say akuruma nzeve ndewako to sisi Mandy I would like to advise you that the VP deserves an apology from you not in private but in public like you did with the unsubstantiated insult.
    In finality tete siyayi kuhumana nezvinodaka muite basa. Zanu PF has a lot to take care of than mere factional agendas.

    Yours comradely

    Tirimusango Wenje

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