An honest and open ‘Open Letter’ to Zimbabwe’s politicians

    By Rayanne Prince Chidzvondo 

    I’m sure it wont escape your notice, that I have chose to start with no salutation, personally I’m of the opinion you’re undeserving of any gesture of good will from yours truly.
    Its no secret that this open declaration was long overdue. The reasons as to why it came this late can on a great part be blamed on my naivety believing that somehow along the path you’d have a change of heart and be compelled to turn from your slothful ways. But I have had to pinch myself to believe there is no Santa or tooth fairy – no better you.
    I’ll start of on a personal level, regarding how you have religiously assimilated me into the culture of selfish, so to it I shall indulge. You have made my country an unsafe territory to air any opinions. Yes, your constitution (not mine) guaranteed us freedom of speech, but we never enjoy any freedom after speech.  Any addition I make hints on how I support an individual with the same bearing of opinion as myself. Such attempts are met with rants of hostility from your loyal lap dogs whose tongues are cultured in the same fashion. I have been criticised for thinking differently, for speaking the truth and seeking justice. (And taunted for wearing a Lacoste designer T shirt, but that’s another story.)
    You have paraded on platforms and carelessly uttered words. Your fully fed mouths have spat nothing but quality acid that has left us focused on the quality of it rather than the pain of it. You have been irresponsible owing to the fact that you deem yourself above the law, maybe you are the law, clearly on countless occasions you have demonstrated that simple fact. No one needs any reminder. You are all wealthy individuals and in time you have proven that every man has a price, and so factionalism has been born.
    At your say, we altered the books of history. Our books were re-written so the truth suits your needs and agendas. The heroes fell and new ones were born. Some scars were made deeper as others were erased. You made us depressed so we undressed to satisfy your quarter life crisis. Each and every governmental department became a church, we offered all we had, praying things would get better. Poverty forced us into fasting – believing things will get better. Ten months into the year, what has been better? You have instead become the hostile enemy who enslaves our families and beats our wives and kids in the streets
    Somewhere out there, a mother and her child are being buried as a result of starvation. What did you have for breakfast? How was your lunch? Who will be joining you for supper? Not only is this bankrupt, bust and cleaned out government failing to stump out starvation and keep social services ticking, it is deciding to buy 480 (top-of-the-range) off-road vehicles in preparation for the 2018 national elections. We have been made to believe the government is broke, or does this mean we have an answer to the $15 billion question? If ever I wished you well, I now pray to God he saves you, for the fire waiting for you could not be the same fire the devil will chill, you are your own devolution. May you have the decency and conscience to stop for a second and think of the harm you are causing to this nation because of your incompetence and greed.
    I have come to learn that politics in a democracy is by birth frustrating. A government by and for the people includes your extremely dumb neighbour, your weird hairdresser, your uncaring girlfriend, the aunt with the religious beliefs you find absurd, everyone you stare at on the bus (or who stares at you), the people who own the company you work for and the ones begging for change on your way there. They can never be way for a government by and for the people to function without frustrating most of the people in it in one way or another. It’s really a miracle it works at all and for as long as it has. Somehow,  power has not changed hands in this country with any frequency or civilised grace. This country’s democracy has resulted in horrors and disappointments, but the truth is, this is not what people want anymore. To speak for the majority is to say they are sick and tired. This government is no longer healthy enough to sustain the economy, it needs to be replaced (if not kicked out). Why? Because you’re simply not doing your job: which is serving us… Governing for the people who voted you in.
    2018 elections will simply be choosing the lesser evil of the two, because people are not being faced with a choice anymore. If opposition parties will not shape up, they to should ship out. The country has gone to the dogs. Who put baboons in charge of the maize field? This is what Zimbabwe has turned into. Its becoming a parade for international laughter whilst the insiders suffer and seek asylum.
    But it is not always about democracy, oh yes! Some of you did storm into power illegitimately –  either by nepotism or for whatever reasons you and whoever put you there know. Its still coming to one thing, your behaviour and lack of verity and honesty are actions that have left your power sliding back to the people, the media or whoever knows where you stole last.  People are now turning away from the government almost as quickly as they voted it in because of its mindless behaviour.
    Its interesting to ask myself. Do your family members approve of your wealth building means? I guess their humane judgements are clouded by the countless visits to the foreign resorts, their view of what’s right blinded by the sunshine on the beaches of Zanzibar courtesy of pockets fattened by the unpaid salaries of civil servants. The rage of knowing my taxes pay for your designer suits and jewellery, you flourish on the account of helpless Zimbabweans whose monies you steal everyday! But its hard to think with all that money in your face isn’t it? All you can do is get fatter, appear on our Tv screens with faces oiled like Cleopatra and promise the nation, “zvinhu zvichanaka.” What will get better? How will you do that?
    If being right is wrong, allow me to drown in my wretchedness, for you also refuse to change for the greater.
    I grew up reading fairy tales every night before bed. (It causes less nightmares than you’d think.) I loved the juxtaposition of the truly evil villain and the heroine who suddenly found herself on the wrong side of someone who wouldn’t hesitate to do whatever it took to bend the world into a shape more to their liking. But reality is the worst nightmare in Zimbabwe. It opens your eyes to see a government with The Grinch, The big bad wolf, The witch from Hensel and Gretel, Ursula the sea witch, A Pinocchio whose nose never gets any longer and Robin hood…all led by who we know as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, The Dark Lord (no pun intended).
    Sure, during 2016 we’ve seen some truths come to light.  But not through you, our national leaders, being openly and totally honest. Rather, it’s been though more brave whistleblowers having to fear for their lives as they speak out against those who are the perpetrators of wrong doings. Or its happened as a way of exposing the no longer desirable fruits of your trees, not because you are honest. How many of these thieves have been sued or jailed? Whose fairytale says Robin hood must run free when he bleeds the country dry to add more weight to his obesity as others starve? Instead you continue to rape, pillage and pollute us.
    Over the year you have let your supporters down and have somewhat proved your critics to be right. You demonstrated that your forceful speeches lacked the corresponding leadership and strategy. Time and time again you have made bold statements, followed by inaction, or a complete U-turn. I get the impression that you don’t take us seriously. We’re too busy using that darned social media to make memes and hashtags instead of wide spread solutions. We don’t care about the issues; we just see it as a big joke. Or at least some don’t, things are livening now. People are becoming aware of their surroundings and are asking for answers whose questions you reply with teargas and police brutality.
    You are all tied by old age and comradeship, we’re stressed out by it. This is our future you’re dealing with, and we’re not comfortable with how you’re handling it. You might not have to live in the nation you create 50 years down the road, but we do, and we’re concerned.
    Yes, WE are the people YOU serve. And, as many of you tell us when we vote you in, it’s a privilege and an honour to do so. The question you should be asking is where will you stand when all this blows off?
    Yours truly

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