I joined Zanu PF in 1998, i played a part in elongating their rule, i was wrong

    BY Cde Setfree N Mafukidze

    As I type this I feel like I am the architect of my own misery and suffering, I feel I should have done better from the start.I now want to have a clear conscience and shoulder the blame where I have erred because it’s my fault.

    Often I have had war veterans who have now turned against Zanu-PF and Robert Mugabe say they were wrong to give Mugabe power through the Mgagao Declaration, of course Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party have brought untold suffering to the people of Zimbabwe to this day and it did not start now,it started years ago before I even joined Zanu-PF, maybe because I knew so little about what I was getting myself into by then but I knew Zanu-PF was a brutal party having heard several incidents of such brutality against the then Edgar Tekere led Zimbabwe Unity Movement (ZUM) in Mutare where I grew up back in the days.

    I went on to later join Zanu-PF around 1998 as a young teenage boy,in grew in it,i got attached to it as years went by,the indoctrination by different Zanu-PF leaders in my province of Mashonaland East grew as time went by,we were told as young people we were supposed to protect the party from its enemies by any means necessary but over the years I never believed in violence to propel the party,I thought we could do with communicating our message to the people and delivering for the people and I thought Zanu-PF was a people’s party.

    Having said that I must say it will be an injustice now that I am out of Zanu-PF for me not to take the blame for the state in which our country is in.I accept that I helped keep the Zanu-PF regime in power over the years I have supported it,I campaigned for the party in various elections, I thought Mugabe was God sent and was there to save Zimbabwe, I made sure I preached Mugabeism wherever I was and as such we are where we are today.I am to blame for Mugabe’s continued rule and I sometimes find it difficult to understand what I was benefiting by supporting this regime?

    Along the way I got to a point where I started to realise that I was not in the right place,I was among people who were so different from me in 2008 I saw first hand the brutal hand of Zanu-PF, it was terrifying to say the least and I blame myself for having been part of a party that terrorise people for support, I still stayed in the party nevertheless and I blame myself for not taking a stand but then I guess fear also got the better of me.I thought if I chose to quit what were the potential outcomes,I weighed those outcomes and stayed in for my personal safety and that of my family.

    Year 2013 we were at it again campaigning for Zanu-PF and Mugabe,it’s my fault, I contributed to his return to power one way or the other (please note I wasn’t involved in Nikuv. Lol)But I maintain I am equally to blame for what Zimbabwe is today and I regret it and wish I could erase that part of my life but I can’t I have to be responsible for my actions,I have to turn around my past efforts in favour of what I truly believe.In 2014 I ended my Zanu-PF journey I had just had it and couldn’t go on like that and when I left I thought to myself let me just quit and forget about politics but I later realised that the whole mess Zimbabwe is in is my fault, I supported evil and I needed to satisfy myself by correcting that,by reversing my past support for Zanu-PF in favour of my country Zimbabwe.

    All I want is a Zimbabwe for all Zimbabweans not for one man his family and friends and for as long as that has not yet been achieved I will keep my head up despite the intimidation and threats,I am here to make amendments where I erred,tough journey it shall be but I have already embarked on it.I will work with all progressive Zimbabweans to achieve a new Zimbabwe and that’s what I have dedicated myself to do.

    Indeed it’s my fault and I take responsibility for it.

    Thank you for reading this article.

    • Cde Setfree N Mafukidze is a politician, and a pro-democracy activist with Zimbabwe People First.

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