Tethered: Breaking Free From The Past (A book review)

    Author: Bazil Bhasera

    Title: Tethered: Breaking Free From The Past, Kadoma, Zimbabwe. Lithium Publishers, Paper Back (194 pages). (Includes End notes, Bibliography) 2016.

    Tethered is a semi biographical book. The book explores the after effects of life altering hurts and events that take place in every day people’s lives.

    This piece of literature discusses the nocuous emotional conditions that most people find themselves in, all over the world. But more succinctly it narrows the discussion to our Zimbabwean cultural context which presents symptoms that may be unique to us. In a very surgical way Bazil Bhasera explores the way our upbringing can condition our current behavior and emotions in a negative way and uses actual accounts of his own life to expound what he writes about.

    The book features the authors own tempestuous story as he grew up in a typical Zimbabwean family and how his relationship with his father influenced his behavior and general worldview when it came to important relationships.

    As is common in most indigenous Zimbabwean homes, father and son relationships are thin when it comes to verbal expressions of love or displays of affection that supply affirming encouragement to young people growing up. Bazil speaks to men and women in his generation and connects with readers who struggle with emotions of bitterness, abandonment and an unforgiving heart.

    The first six chapters of the book present a look into Bazil’s upbringing as a child brought up in a military home. With each chapter the book reveals very deep issues that he had to struggle with, that many other people today may still toil under the weight of.

    The book describes this state as being “tethered”. Suggesting that one is tied down by things that happened in the past in a way that conditions their current behavior and emotional health. This biographical first half of the book is full of tear jerking accounts of the writer’s actual life that were written with such candor it’s almost unbelievable that they are true.

    In the following four chapters the book offers inspiration and wisdom to break free from the past into a new life and better emotional health.  

    The book delves into how one can find freedom in chapter seven, security in chapter eight and how one can realize Gods purpose in chapter nine. Chapter ten concludes the book talking about new beginnings and how one can turn their life around after having endured life shattering events.

    Bazil employs a very effective literary device by structuring the book the way he did.

    The way his life story aids to expose the issues is very effective because it makes everything relatable to real life that someone out there is experiencing too. It is not only a masterpiece in its content but also in its form.

    A short insight into the life of Zimbabwe’s youngest visionary

    Bazil bhasera was born and bred in Harare. Attending his primary education at Green Grove primary school in Greendale, and then Churchill Boys High School. He later on studied at Harare Theological College for his Pastoral training.

    Bazil does his pastoral ministry at Kadoma Baptist church. He also holds the position of national training coordinator for the Baptist union of Zimbabwe, an office he has held for the past two and a half years.

    Within 2016 he has published two books which are titled “Tethered” and “Selah” and is currently working on a new title.  Bazil also inspires many readers through an online blog where he publishes articles on various topics, mainly current affairs and religious matters. It was because of these thought provoking articles from the blog site ( that he was asked to be a columnist for skyneszimbabwe, an online news platform.

    On the 26th of November this book will be publicly launched at a prestigious black tie event in kadoma. Many people are expected to attend. Bazil has an honest and passionate way of connecting with people.  

    Bazil states that “my aim is to give people real tenable answers to life, to challenge wrong thinking even though it may be time honored and to use the story of my life to encourage my countrymen that we can all be better than we are now”

    Bazils second book “Selah” is no less intriguing. The controversial book explores the state of the Zimbabwean church today and challenges the unorthodox beliefs that have become ubiquitous in Zimbabwe.

    The book takes people to task on topics like prosperity, tongues and prophecy which have become a source of confusion for many. The book is yet to be publicly launched but is already available in print.

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