Farewell Rainbow Nation, i am taking my investment with me

By Sacha Coquelin

On my most recent visit to your country, I have seen just how different South Africa has become to the one I knew a decade ago.

Voeux, mes amis. Greetings from Gordes, France. Yes, it’s me Sacha Coquelin, who also goes by the nom de plume of “le Coq de la Marche.”

I have decided to give you my impression of my visit to your country, and to tell you of my future plans.

Recently, I was on a mission to inspect the management and condition of four wine farms in your Western Cape, where I have invested a sizeable amount of money. I also travelled between Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban while I was there.

To say votre pays est dans un désordre (your country is in a mess), would be a gross understatement of the fact.

The crime and corruption, power struggle by your ANC government, and the constant riots and strikes – with no outlook of it coming to an end – is a disgrace.

Your labour laws and unions make it virtually impossible to fire employees who underperform, are lazy, drunk on the job, untrustworthy, and in many cases, thieves.

Your countryside is spectaculaire, but your cities have become some of the filthiest cities I have ever seen. The litter, potholes, filthy pavements, broken traffic lights, and half-finished road works, make the cities look like war zones.

Why are South Africans not proud of their country?

The constant strikes and riots, crime and corruption, are enough to scare all tourists away. My business partner and travelling companion, Bongani, who  is a South African, refused to let me walk the streets of Durban after sunset. He was also scared to venture out there.

The infrastructure in South Africa is badly maintained and has fallen apart due to people who have been appointed to positions that they are not qualified for.

Your Black Economic Empowerment system has failed dismally to create sustainable jobs and growth.

Your government is rotten from top to bottom. Your president is a thief and a joke. How he got to where he is, remains a mystery to me. His cabinet consists of incompetent, corrupt, power-hungry people, who only seem wake up at lunchtime while parliament is in session. (Or when the EFF start fighting and behaving like the barbarians they are)

Many years ago, I have invested in four wine farms in your country. More than 3 million Euros (R45 000 000). My investment has created jobs for many people in your country and education for their children. I thought my investment was safe and that I was helping the people. But after what I have seen and experienced in your country, I am very uncertain of what the future holds for you.

So, mes amis, what have I decided?

I have decided to conclude my business in Afrique du Sud by the end of this year, and to invest my money somewhere else. I am truly sorry for all the people who are going to lose their jobs and livelihood because of this decision. But I cannot afford to sit and wait while Rome is burning.

In my heart I am with you.

Sacha Coquelin