These guys are killing our country: Confessions of an expelled Zanu PF Youth Leader

    By Godfrey Tsenengamu

    Here is the whole truth and you to have live with it or else die now and leave it. I used to and still contiunes to disagree with my comrades in ZANU.PF over many issues.

    I said President Mugabe has done his part he must rest. They said he must remain in charge of both the party and state.
    Ndobvunza kuti zvambonyanya kudii???

    I said President Mugabe must rein his wife or else we would do it for him. They said Munhu wese kuna Amai. Ndobvunzawo kuti tiri kuendako kunodii? (What are going to do there?)

    I said lets discuss the succession matter now and move on. They say it is a taboo and an abomination.
    Ndobvunzawo kuti kusvika rinhi chitanda chisingafambe? (Until when should we remain stagnant)

    I say corruption is killing us and the party, someone has to stop it. They say arresting corrupt mashef will weaken the party.
    Ndobvunza kuti saka party inosimbiswa nekuba here? ( Will a party be strengthened by stealing?)

    I say we can’t have a 94 year old candidate for President. They say Bob must rule till he dies. Ndobvunzawo kuti saka voenda havoka nenyika nebato zvose? (So must he take the country to the grave, and the party too)

    I said we are under-perfoming according to the 2013 promises. They say all shall be well very soon. Ndobvunza rinhiko isu tichifa nenhamo kudai? (Until when, people are dying)

    I said mashef you are looting and it is destroying us. They said ndoma benefits edu atakashandira.
    Ndobvunzawo kuti saka makashandira kuzotiuraya here? (Is this what you took office for?)

    I said the youth are neither empowered, employed nor developed. They said you the current youth are not patriotic
    Ndobvunzawo kuti kwenyu muri kudyawo patriotism here mutipewo mundiro? (Can someone eat patriotism, if so please put it in a plate so we eat it too)

    I said youth are being sidelined and are under represented in decision making bodies. They said be patient you are still young your time will come. Ndobvunza kuti ko zvamuri kuti tichiri pwere ko kana tiri kuno kudai vana vangu kumba vanoti youth haapo here kana kuti baba havapo? (Even if i am young, do i not have dependents)

    Ticharamba tichikonana chete kusvika zvaita. (We will forever fight until they fix themselves)

    After all has been said and done, the fact remains. I will not go against the institution I believe in so much.

    ZANU.PF by its founding principles is a good institution. But the party has been hijacked and is losing direction.
    I will not leave munda ndichiuramwira kumakudo. ( I won’t let baboons destroy the movement) Kana mwana akasviba pakumugeza hatirase mwana patinorasa mvura ine tsvina.

    I did not resign from ZANU.PF. I was fired. I was expelled. I did appeal first against the Five year suspension.
    Secondly I appealed against the expulsion. Meaning if I had not been expelled I could be in that party today. I appealed because I wanted to remain in that party, ZANU.PF

    I have not joined any party because I feel I dont belong there. In the same way Tsvangirai did not join Ndabaningi Sithole.
    As also he could not join Margaret Dongo. In the same way Simba Makoni did not join Tsvangirai. Yes even Biti and Mangoma could not move along. Joyce Mujuru knew she cant work with them. So it remains.

    I was born ZANU.PF. Raised ZANU,PF. Lived ZANU.PF. My blood is ZANU.PF. My heart is ZANU.PF. That is who I am.

    I am neither Zimpf, RDZ, PDP, ZAPU nor MDC. MDC T rejoices and celebrates to receive back Madzore, Mkwananzii, Mathuthu and company. These would never go and join ZANU.PF.

    Equally I am not going there. I will go back home. My Home is ZANU.PF.

    However for the Youth Cause. I believe in the Third Force. Bringing together forces to come up with one formidable force. A political force of our Generation.

    • Godfrey Tsenengamu is a former Zanu PF Youth leader expelled for speaking out against Grace Mugabe. Article appears on Khuluma Afrika.

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