Run Mr President Run by Yuri Andropov

    “Formula for fraud” Greesham’s Law


    The law was named after Sir Thomas Gresham, a sixteenth-century financial agent of the English Crown in the city of Antwerp, to explain to Queen Elizabeth I what was happening to the English shilling. Her father, Henry VIII, had replaced 40 percent of the silver in the coin with base metals, to increase the government’s income without raising taxes. Astute English merchants and even ordinary subjects would save the good shillings from pure silver and circulate the bad ones; hence, the bad money would be used whenever possible, and the good coinage would be saved and disappear from circulation.

    Gresham was not the first to state the law which took his name. The phenomenon had been noted much earlier, in the 14th century, by Nicole Oresme. In the year that Gresham was born, 1519, it was described by Nicolaus Copernicus in a treatise called Monetae cudendae ratio: “bad (debased) coinage drives good (un-debased) coinage out of circulation.” Copernicus was aware of the practice of exchanging bad coins for good ones and melting down the latter or sending them abroad, and he seems to have drawn up some notes on this subject while he was at Olsztyn in 1519.-


    The fact that we are sons and daughters of the soil, does not mean we have to be treated like the dirt from where we come from.- K.W. M. Kadenhe

    Necesse est multos timeat quem multi timent.(He must fear many, whom many fear)-Laberius.

    This week we were reminded how our leaders care very little about us, and how they treat our views and opinions like nonsense. The bond notes were released into circulation against the will and the judgement of the majority of Zimbabweans at home and abroad. Our government thinks we are stupid and they know better than we do, but what they forget is that we are the force behind their power. Vox populi, vox dei. The voice of the people is the voice of God, when the people speak with one voice, God speaks with them.

    The Zimbabwean government is now messing around with forces that no government on this earth can go against and win. I am not a religious man, and I am not referring to any deity here, I am referring to the will of the people. Fellow citizens of Zimbabwe, it is now time to show our government that we are the government that governs the government. It is time we held our government and its various representatives accountable for their acts and omissions. They have ruled over us with great contempt and freedom from the injurious consequences of their acts and omissions. It is high time we bring that to an abrupt end.

    The bond notes are out; our leaders have no clear cut idea as to how to turn around our economy, so they have resorted to yet more patchwork. My mother used to warn me about adding a patch where one already exists. She always used to emphasise that when you encounter the need to patch a patch, it is high time you get a new garment. My mother is just my mother, but she is able to make clear judgements and wise decisions because unlike the old men and women in ZANU PF, she is not drunk on power and vulgar amounts of stolen money. My mother also used to tell me: “Nhema dzinenge mwena, dzine padzinosvika pakuguma!”. (Lies are like a tunnel, every tunnel has an end at some point.). I wonder if President Mugabe’s mother didn’t tell him these words, he really could use them right now.

    Mr President, we are tired of your lies! We are tired of empty promises! We are tired of you running experiments that we the citizens of Zimbabwe have to pay for with our tears, sweat and blood. Zimbabwe is not an economic or political school, it is a country with real live men and women and young children. We have watched you systematically tear down our country, we are positive you have been doing the bidding of our former colonial masters, (I am challenging Robert Mugabe to deny this and provide evidence to the contrary!).

    We have given you more than enough time to show us what you’re capable of, we even gave you time to fix the mess that you Sir created. Now we have run out of time and we can no longer afford to pay the fees for you to learn how to run a country. Right now we need pople that know what they’re doing. We need people that are skilled and are honest. We need men and women that yearn to make Zimbabwe great again.

    You Mr Mugabe have run out of everything! Steam, ideas, power and time, there is nothing new that you can offer us, and that is the main reason why you keep using archaic tricks to try and solve modern day problems. You are clueless Mr President! You and your bootlicking cabal are clueless and impotent. I wouldn’t trust you to run a primary school tuck-shop!

    We need real solutions, we need to consult the international community and find answers fast! This your bond note nonsense will not work this time. We watched as you used bearer cheques in order to steal the foreign currency we had in our bank accounts and then turned around and used that money to unleash terror on us. Well. According to Greeshams law, there soon will be no greenback in circulation, no forex at all. We will hide our hard earned forex and your bond notes will remain, and you will NOT have enough money to pay your thugs to beat us up during elections. You will NOT have enough money to pay NIKUV to rig our elections. Mr Mugabe you are headed for a very sore and tragic end.

    Mr Mugabe, take some advice from a young man, run! Just go old boy! Leave and never look back! What do you have to lose? If you leave now, the people of Zimbabwe will be relieved; they most certainly will allow you and your cronies to leave with your loot. I would recommend seeking asylum in the UAE. If you decide not to take heed of my advice Mr President, the people will drag you and your purple backed family down Samora Machel Avenue in Harare, Know your limits Mr President.

    You have been breeding hate, contempt and disdain over the past couple of decades. You have destroyed people’s lives in a manner even you would not believe if your minions had the guts to tell you the truth like I do, and just like one Mr Ian Smith, you have bred guerrillas, dissidents and bandits. We are only too proud to wear some of these usually detested titles if it will return the land of OUR fathers to normal. You have set in motion a series of events that will ultimately lead to your demise!

    In conclusion Mr President, I would like to say we the people of Zimbabwe, the majority of us that are not in the politiburo and do not have relatives there, are suffering in one way or the other due to your misrule. We are fed up and tired of your nonsense. We are tired of your propaganda, and empty statements. We would really like it if you left now. You have destroyed our economy and turned us into slaves in other countries. You have victimized our parents, brothers and sisters when all they have been trying to do is show you sense. Your thugs have beaten up our grandmothers in wheelchairs, our brothers disappear and when we demand answers  we are beaten up by your men. The time where disappearing and getting beaten up or dying was scary is long gone Mr President. We the people of Zimbabwe are no longer afraid of you and your heartless thugs. This time we will fight back! The people will not watch as you take their money and replace it with colourful pieces of paper that you have forced down our throats. These bond notes are illegal and stupid, just like your bastard government.

    This is it! The people are now looking for a straw that will finally break your back. These are dangerous times Mr President. Leave now, we will not miss you and we will let you die peacefully. If you decided to hold on like other stupid dictators before you, you will suffer the same fate as they did. Dear Mr President, you have failed and you will always be viewed as a huge failure in history. The evil you have sown amongst the people of Zimbabwe will outweigh the good and we will always view you as the man that made us hungry. You should never have stuck around long enough to watch yourself turn into a villain. Now look, this situation is tragic for all of us, but more-so for you. Enough said! Now run Mr President, run!

    Yuri Andrpov

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