ZAPU scoffs at Mujuru ‘secret’ Gukurahundi plan

Is Joice Mujuru a reformed freedom fighter? Or A Hoodlum desperate to piss on the electorate again?
Is Joice Mujuru a reformed freedom fighter? Or A Hoodlum desperate to piss on the electorate again?

By Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Dumiso Dabengwa’s Zimbabwe African Union Party (ZAPU) has scoffed at Zimbabwe People First (ZIMPF) leader Joice Mujuru’s recent remarks that she said visited Gukurahundi victims in Bulawayo and claimed that her party has a ‘secret plan’ to bring closure to the sad chapter in the Southern parts of the country.

Speaking in an interview with South African based ETV television channel the former Vice President Joice Mujuru showed remorse over the Gukurahundi massacres, which occurred in the Midlands and Matebeland provinces where 20000 Ndebele speaking Zimbabweans and ZAPU supporters were killed in a genocide.

ZAPU a party which lost most of its members leading to its founding President Joshua Nkomo joining with ZANU PF to form a united Zanu PF in a 1987 unity accord between the two supporters, has said Mujuru is not insincere.

“Sentiments made by ZimPF’s Dr Joyce Mujuru on South African news channel ETV yesterday raises more dust than we already inhaled. Dr Mujuru in the interview claims to have visited Gukurahundi victims at Squatter Camps in Bulawayo. She also claims that she, in conjunction with her party have a secret program aimed at redressing the atrocities.  She also claims she has consulted chiefs in the affected areas about the genocide,” said the party in a statement.

The party’s spokesperson, Iphuthile Maphosa highlighted that they were sceptical of Mujuru’s pronouncements saying as a member of the former Mugabe government should take responsibility of these callous murders.

“Well, many questions rise from these pronouncements by Joyce Mujuru. First and foremost, the government of Zimbabwe has not taken responsibility of the early 1980s atrocities. The closest they got to admit the genocide was when Mugabe remarked at Nkomo’s burial that it was a moment of madness,” said Maphosa.

ZAPU questioned noted that the former VP had no ‘moral worthiness’ saying she must come clean on her role.

“For Dr Mujuru, a member of the government then and whose husband was commanding the army to make such claims raises more questions than answers especially on her moral worthiness. Dr Mujuru must believe we are naïve to believe she knew nothing about the Gukurahundi genocide now that she openly absolves the perpetrating government and wholesomely taking responsibility for the killings,” he added. 

“Dr Mujuru has taken it upon herself not only to admit the genocide, but to even visit her supposed victims and instituting a program of redress. Anybody will be forgiven to suspect she is doing this because of the guilt conscience in her. Should we not be forgiven to believe that Dr Mujuru is not guilty by association or complicity but by actually having been actively involved in the killings?,” asked Maphosa.  

.Maphosa’s strongly worded statement also blasted Mujuru for claiming that the victims she had is said to have attended are not Gukurahundi but instead Murambatsvina victims.

“ It then boggles the mind as to how Dr Mujuru visits victims and works on a redress plan for a crime she knew nothing of when it took place. Dr Mujuru is so in denial of Gukurahundi that she deliberately mistook victims of her governments Murambatsvina for victims of Gukurahundi. Well, just a piece of advise Mai Mujuru, the people you visited at Ngozi Mine in Bulawayo are not Gukurahundi victims-they are victims of Murambatsvina as committed by your government leaving thousands if not millions homeless and destitute. That you met one ex-ZPRA cadre there does not turn those people into Gukurahundi victims, but they remain Murambatsvina victims.