Post colonial South Africa joins its African brothers, as a failed state

Photo: Squatters in Pretoria, a South African capital city
Photo: Squatters in Pretoria, a South African capital city

Why has every single country in Africa, post-colonial rule, degenerated into a decaying, crumbling, stinking dung heap?

Why is it that, in all cases, the economy and infrastructure of these countries have collapsed, crime is rife, unemployment is prevalent, bad leadership and mismanagement is common, bribery and corruption have become the order of the day, and predatory politics is practiced at all levels of government?

Why do most people in Africa live in abject poverty, are poorly educated, unemployed, and have very little hope for the future?

Why is it that, once an African leader has firmly seated his fat backside in the Chair of Government, he closes his eyes to the plight of the people who put him there in the first place, and treats his “subjects” with disdain and disrespect?

It would take someone much wiser and more knowledgeable than me, to answer all of the above questions; but I’ll tell you this: There are certain standards, norms, and concepts missing in Africa.

Standards, norms, and concepts such as: Integrity, morality, honestly, trust, ethics, decency, moral values, and belief.

And there is a general misunderstanding of the meaning of certain English words.

Words such as: Freedom, democracy, self-determination, human rights, maintenance, empowerment, equality, accountability, and responsibility.

Clearly, a great many of these words and concepts are of Western origin. But Africans also have similar words and traditions: Ubuntu – compassion and humanity; Amandla – power to the people; Uhuru – freedom, etc, etc.

But what is the reality? We are seeing bloody coups d’état, xenophobia, tribal wars, displaced people fleeing their countries of origin, fugitives and illegal immigrants on a scale never before seen, faction fighting, hunger, disease, bribes and backroom deals on a massive scale.

Women and children, the poorest of the poor, the homeless, the unemployed, the unskilled and uneducated of this continent, are bearing the brunt of all the misery heaped upon them by those who “run” their countries. Those who are supposed to put the needs and safety of its citizens first. Those who supposed are to make their countries grow. Those who are supposed to be custodians of the land for future generations.

Unfortunately this has never happened in post colonial Africa.

The latest victim of State Capture by a corrupt criminal is South Africa. Its president, Jacob “Showerhead” Zuma, and his bunch of incompetent ANC cronies, have brought this once flourishing country to its knees.

When the cruel system of apartheid was abolished in 1994, the African National Congress stepped in, replaced the white National Party with its own cadres, and it was business as usual. Unemployment, crime, and corruption, is higher than ever before. 

The United Nations and Transparency International have released its 2016 annual Corruption Perceptions Index for 2016. It ranks 175 countries on their levels of public sector corruption. South Africa was declared the most corrupt country in the world.

The common dweller in a South African township (location) is no better off today than during the time of the previous white regime.

In fact, many would say that things have become much worse – riots, strikes, burning of tyres, vandalizing of property, looting and protest action take place every single day of the year because of the lack of service delivery. Clean water has become a scare commodity, electricity is frequently cut off, and basic foods have become extremely expensive.

But this is nothing new.

Of the 54 countries that make up this, The Dark Continent, there is not even ONE that can be held up as an example of good governance and prosperity after colonial rule.

It’s a bloody disgrace.

  • Fubar Bundy is a renowned writer, of Indian origin,  who travels the world and comments on the state of the various nations in general; and the level of development of selected countries in particular.

Photo: Squatters in Pretoria, a South African capital city