Dear Mudiwa, stop filming yourself while driving

By Maynard Manyowa

First and foremost, let me start by making it clear that though this letter is directed to Mudiwa, it is in the same vein directed to Jah Pryzah and all other celebrities that have taken a liking to filming themselves while driving, be it live videos or delayed.

Secondly, this is directed to Mudiwa because his incident is the most recent one. Not the award boob, no, that is hardly worth talking about, but the video he filmed of himself on his way to visit Jah Prayzah.

I happened to bump into the video during a time I ought to be on leave, away from the demands of political analysis and social commentary. But perhaps the mere fact that I am on holiday, inspired me to pen this; holiday time claims more lives in accidents than any other time in the year.

I suppose I will get into it. To Mudiwa ‘Ndaita-Mari’ Hood, please desist from filming live Facebook videos while operating a motor vehicle.

The use of cellphones while operating motor vehicles is second to alcohol alone as the leading cause of accidents. An adult, and a celebrated one for that matter should not and must not be seen to endorse lawlessness.

The video of you going to see Jah Pryzah may have been entertaining in that it silences critics somewhat, but engaging in illegal behaviour for showman sake is not right.

Mudiwa, you are famous, loved, and followed. That said you should see to it that you not become an enemy of efforts to prevent needless road carnage. Driving while using a cellular phone is illegal, and this December the consequences can be grave.

It is one thing to engage in morally questionable behavior, but another altogether to be the poster boy for needless destruction. I personally can tolerate a lot of things, but people who text and drive are the absolute worst. It is selfish to desire to make a statement while putting the lives of other people, bread winners and children of others at risk of death or injury.

I have noted such a trend with concern, as many celebrated figures and popular socialites seem to find fancy in such a dangerous thing. It is sad that our police are as hapless at their jobs as a church mouse is at chasing impala. Otherwise, such videos should result in an arrest, at the least a driving ban.

Let us all be responsible. Do not text and drive. Even if you are Mudiwa.

  • Maynard Manyowa is a contributing editor of Khuluma Afrika – a center for analysis, commentary and investigative journalism.