Zim youths must either step up in 2018 elections, or rot in poverty till kingdom come

    By Rodwell Tendai Nyika

    Following clear indications that the government of the day is out of touch with the real suffering of ordinary citizens as evidenced by President Mugabe’s state of the nation address (SONA) and budget presentation by Minister Patrick Chinamasa there is nothing more to hungrily crave for beyond a totally new government in 2018 and beyond.

    There can be virtually no escape from the fact that the citizens’ giant balloons of expectation were forcibly deflated after the duo deliberately skirted crucial issues bedevilling our long ailing economy. The national budget forebode a bleak future for 2017 as no fecund pronouncements were contained therein except a bundle of petty and thin diet of peripheral issues characteristic of anti pro poor policies. Surely when shall the government of the day divorce its culture of running the country on Stalinist and fascist economic policies. Common sense would prescribe that Zanu Pf led government is far from repenting after all these decades of toxic governance to the detriment of the ‘’povo’’

    The most traumatic development is that President Mugabe has been endorsed to be Zanu Pf’s candidate for 2018 during the just ended Zanu Pf conference in Masvingo.Everyone else is entitled to his/her foolishness but only to a degree which doesn’t warranty incalculable harm to the living standards of rightful Zimbabweans equally like those who continue to foolishly entrust someone to lead a nation at the age of 94.President Mugabe just like any other Zimbabwean is not entitled to title deeds of our one and only country Zimbabwe as even no mosaic divine entitlement and Shakespearean intelligence warrant no one to lead up to and including the expiry of time.

    How much more damage is he going to paste on us if he becomes the President in 2018.The noble motion that President Mugabe must ingloriously go in 2018 is no longer a dismissible regime change slogan but a strategic necessity mostly crucially required to rebuild our economy whose demise he should take full responsibility beyond even nature taking its course.

    Lest I become aberrant on the crux of my piece allow me to put things into perspective. Zimbabwe’s GDP is estimated to be 13 Billion US Dollars translating to estimated 29 times smaller than Google whose market capitalization is said to be around 391 Billion US Dollars. This clearly serves as an eloquent testimony that the socio-economic sicknesses that we restlessly continue to grapple with are as a result of leadership drought within the Mugabe led government. Zimbabwe has never had a shortage of intellectual capital to smuggle and catapult the populace from this current state of ‘’economic tsunami’’.


    It boggled my mind as to why would Zanu Pf political power hyenas within our government behave as if deputising the almighty by continuously continuing to succeed themselves when it’s a nude reality that as youths we constitute 3.5 million of the Zimbabwean gross population. Having taken a stocktake on the possible contributory factors I have thus established a number of issues which contributed to Mugabe’s longevity in power.

    The key issue is that of youths’ voter apathy resulting in no appetite to register and vote and also deciding not to vote even after registering to vote. What is now appalling is that most of us didn’t vote in 2013 as a result of a decision not to spend just an hour in a queue to vote for change but how troubling is it now spending the whole day trying to access only $50 you could have been sent to withdraw by your parents as most of you just as I’m are unemployed employable youths. The best we spare time to audit how our priorities are placed.

    On the same score where are we borrowing such a brand of retrogressive apathy, indolence and self-importance when youth unemployment rate continue to sour beyond 80% not mentioning that fact that more than 17 000 university graduates are being churned out every year without a ready job market to absorb even a tenth of them. How politically smart are you graduates that you can’t fearlessly act today to preserve your future? Smarter unemployed poorer certified university graduates!! What a shame?

    My fellow youths a new Zimbabwe can only be possible if the struggle is owned by each and every Zimbabwean and mostly critically us the youths. What is required is not only to register as a voter and but to resoundingly vote for change in 2018? Only Stone Age morons can blindly believe that Zanu Pf can’t be constitutionally removed from power. Let’s take a leaf from what recently happened in Seychelles and Gambia where opposition parties wrested power from lifelong dictators just like our own Mugabe. In Gambia President Yahya Jammah suffered an overwhelming electoral loss after 22 years of ‘’village alike rule’’. This is not to hurriedly forget the power of grand coalitions typically like the one that was formed in those twin sisters of ours as a show of love for the people not never power per-se.

    What is required now is for every youthful Zimbabwean to lend an ear to the scripture from the book of Ezra 10 Verse 4 I quote ‘’Arise for this matter belongs to you’’.We will also be with you’’. Be of good courage and do it’’.Let’s all be agents of change by emboldening each other that a new transformed Zimbabwe in very possible in 2018 and beyond. Having done so as we shall definitely do so, we will then need to engage every Zimbabwean in coming up with an unassailable plan of action for repositioning Zimbabwe back into the orbit of economic prosperity and sustenance.

    Let’s all be the drivers of change we have long hunted as no visitor from the Jupiter or Mars can ever pay a visit to Zimbabwe to reclaim our lost glory. No amount of vote rigging, state sponsored intimidation & violence, prophylactic abductions be it genocides can rob us of a regime change we visibly see having invested our souls in it.In conclusion it serves a reminder to all the youths that just as smoking is hazardous to health such is President Mugabe’s continued misrule to the well-being of poorer citizens.

    Its either we all absolutely register to vote and thus resoundingly vote for change and or collectively register to vote and resoundingly vote for change.

    I thank you.

    • Rodwell Tendai Nyika is a Former Students Leader at National University of Science and Technology (NUST) & an Official with Zimbabwe Coalition for Unemployed Graduates (ZCUG) and writes in his own capacity.
    • Contact via [email protected]




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