On VP Mnangagwa: Open letter to Jealous Mawarire

    By Shingirai Nyahwa

    Recently Jealousy Mawarire penned a letter trying to attack the stance which the British have taken in the Succession race in Zimbabwe were he almost but painted the VP Mnangagwa as a dangerous person who is unelectable and not good for Zimbabwe in general.

    As a spokesperson of a political party he is the one responsible for image building for his ZIM PF party, rather than going about criticising other politicians who are doing nothing but building reputations for themselves its high time he as a spokesperson focuses on his job rather than becoming jealous of EDM as it seems when he was given his name they had actually seen what kind of person Mawarire is.

    There is nothing wrong in emulating something good even from your opponent , one thing you should emulate from  EDM whom you hate so much is the fact that he is slowly but surely building his reputation through hard work , he has received his fair share of bricks and bats from the likes of you he always rises up through focusing on what needs to be done rather than complaining and firing salvo at others , of late how many times or where have you heard EDM saying down with TSVANGIRAI or even your patron Joice Mujuru , dear Jealous that’s how he is being seen as a progressive politician throughout the world and among the electorate .

    Since 2004 when your patron Joice Mujuru was responsible for his demotion he has been improving himself no wonder why he is the most popular politician and Public figure in Zimbabwe  and that it what being progressive seems like . David Coltart was correct as quoted in the New Statesman  Magazine when he said that EDM “seems to know” what needs to be done” , you and most of the opposition politicians are now specialists in obsessing about removing Mugabe  but WHAT THEN AFTER HE IS GONE.

    If you have no idea of what needs to be done after then whatever it is that you are planning is zooming to doom. Tsvangirai lent this the hard way no wonder MDC-T is being skeptical about a coalition with you and that’s why he is being labelled Lacoste aligned by the likes of Tendai Biti.

    You now seem to be an activist rather than an opposition politician activities of your party are duplicating those of activist groups like TAJAMUKA and OAUSQ.

    If you are damn serious about being a politician don’t obsess about individuals focus on policy because the moment you obsess about individuals you are now an activist. I cannot finish this piece without talking of Gukurahundi, you accused EDM of murder in Gukurahundi, not to say he is innocent because I don’t know, but hey you are being a hypocrite, your president Joice Mujuru shared blanket with Rex Nhongo during Gukukurahundi mind you Rex was the second in command and literally the one who gave most high level orders during Gukurahundi.

    If Mnangagwa is the devil in the Gukurahundi case then most definitely Joice Mujuru is the mother devil, please self-introspect first as it seems you always think after talking. It is a painful status quo that EDM is becoming more and more popular but dear Jealousy the world is changing move with times, who thought that Trump was going to win the US elections? More so who thought that Britain was going to leave the EU?

    Something is changing in this world and you will be a fool not to realise that. EDM is becoming a favourite among Zimbabweans and the western world for one good reason “he resonates hope that someday in the future things might get better than what is happening right now” . Your approach to political issues is obsolete and you won’t go anywhere unless you reform Mr Mawarire.


    Shingirai Nyahwa is a social and political analyst and also a blogger follow him on Twitter @SNyahwa.

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