Dear Minister Zhuwao, i beg your pardon, but you are the one who needs demon exorcism!

    By Rodwell Nyika

    Having perused an article that was in the Newsday of 9 November 2016 captioned ‘’Unemployed soccer playing graduates need exorcism’’ I have since then established your utterances to be a product of insincere leadership, dishonesty and out of sync with reality I quote ‘’If you are that type (selling firewood and playing soccer in streets) then traditional beer should be brewed for you to be exorcised because you would be possessed with demons. You need to be exorcised by prophets’’. As one of more than 17 000 employable unemployed graduates churned out by local universities each year(2015 statistics) I have decided to give a riposte to your diaphanous and amorphous revelations which came as an assault to the collective intellect of unemployed graduates.

    In case you didn’t know, Section 59 of our supreme law of the land bestows every person the right to demonstrate and petition I quote ‘’Every person has the right to demonstrate and to present petitions, but these rights must be exercised peacefully”. In whose capacity do you think you can rob unemployed graduates of their rights to demonstrate after all the mode of demonstration qualified to be super peaceful.

    While it is common knowledge that you shall be quick to excoriate my piece as an output of perennial opposition driven jaundice allow me to give insights as to why your status as a Ministerial leader doesn’t warranty such a ruthless degree of pontification. If ever you never had a decade old visit to the Mars or Pluto you can vividly recall some of the nude facts about our country Zimbabwe among multiples others whose detriments remain untold.

    The country’s unemployment rate hovers between 85% and 90% with the government inextricably committed in the churning out of graduates not withstanding its endeavours to have more institutions of higher learning. Of the recent late University of Zimbabwe (UZ) embarked on double intake literally translating to an increment to the thousands involved in vending without mentioning thousands others who have long deserted Zimbabwe in quest for any form of employment. Why should Zimbabwe proudly be a source of labour exportation? Surely how on earth can a nation with countless socio-economic and political maladies by the name Zimbabwe make a decision to ‘’export’’ labour? Isn’t this archetypically an admission of toxic misgovernance? Higher and Tertiary deputy Minister Dr Godfrey Gandawa in June 2015 noted that the Ministry has signed agreements with a number of countries for exportation of labour.

    Statistics on both output and input are far from encouraging, capacity utilisation crashed down from 57, 3% in 2011 to the current estimate of 43,3% and thus far fundamentally explains the widespread company closures and massive job carnage. There is also substantial collapse in the output seen through de-industrialisation, which the economy has faced for long. It is reported that over 100 000 jobs have been lost since 2013 and 60% of companies which operated since 2010 have since closed shop not withstanding more than 20 000 workers and their families who suffered victims as a result of the July Supreme Court ruling.
    Honourable Minister Education was never meant to be an end in itself but a means to an end and therefore becomes a leadership template that there should be corresponding availability of jobs to allow for the absorption of these graduates under normal circumstances, lest the entire ideal of education lose meaning.

    The question that has continued to question me is that with the public secrets I have just unnecessarily reiterated how on earth the whole Minister of your stature can have blind belief that recent graduates are being formally employed. Your retrogressive and self-defeating huffs and puffs that youths should use knowledge and skills acquired at school for job creation and self-employment exposes the magnitude of leadership famine and ideological suffocation which have long characterised our government of Zimbabwe, Zanu Poverty Front (Zanu Pf) in particular. I would hazard to say that strictly daughters and sons of corrupt Zanu Pf apparatchiks can only first become entrepreneurs before first becoming formally employed.

    Would I be compassionate enough to persuade myself as I’m persuading all and sundry to condone your incurable ignorance cognisant of the fact that you were appointed based on cronyism not competency ignoring a bald fact you are leading a youthful ministry when in fact you are not even part of the youths. The mere fact that you were born on the 23rd of May 1967(49 years old now) exposes how detached you are from issues affecting poorer Zimbabwean youths.

    In conclusion, instead of donating silos of energy in polluting the intellectual capital of Zimbabwean unemployed graduates you should be making restless efforts in helping your uncle President Mugabe to douse this economic inferno which he has long authored to the effect of ravaging the bottoms of all hard working Zimbabweans ominously citing an ugly reality that with bond notes having been forced on us we are sliding back into the 2008 economic abyss.

    Honourable Minister it serves as a free lesson to you that the more the monkey climbs up a tree, the more it exposes its private parts. Be short on reckless utterances and long on delivery as your ministry is as useless as just like being non-existent.

    I rest my case; I beg your pardon Hon Patrick Zhuwao!!

    On and behalf of Zimbabwe Coalition for Unemployed Graduates (ZCUG)

    Rodwell Tendai Nyika

    Contact Via [email protected]

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