Jonathan Moyo loves putting lipstick on frogs

    By Rodwell Tendai Nyika

    As I traversed through the streets of Bulawayo trying to establish where as an unemployed employable certified university graduate can I drop my C.V in a former industrial hub now an industrial ramshackle I came across a headline in the weekly lies (Herald) I quote ‘’Students grants back next year’’ I thus salivated wishing if I could renew time backwards such that I enjoy such an incentive which nicodemously disappeared while I was still pursing my secondary school studies.

    Having known our government of the day of its deeply entrenched tradition of selling empty promises premised on 2013 stolen election victory I have decided to donate silos of time in taking an inventory into Minister Moyo’s mouth-watering promise taking into account key economic fundamentals married to it thereof.

    While the move is as most welcome as everyone else would uncontrollably celebrate the stepping down of our failed President Mugabe no one is entitled to ignore a simple elementary rule in economics that you can only eat that which you could have killed. It’s only in Zimbabwe across the whole globe that government leaders think that they can grow lemon seeds and reap strawberries. This reminds me of a homily that I got from my grandmother two decades ago that ‘’you reap what you sow’’.

    Minister Moyo has been quoted in the media as saying ‘’The ministry has engaged the RBZ to structure a student loan scheme for higher and tertiary education institutions to be run by financial institutions with proven micro financing capacity. This scheme will be launched in the coming year to help parents and guardians who are struggling to pay higher and tertiary education fees for their children’’.For starters students grants were discontinued in 2006 due to cash flow challenges and replaced by a cadetship programme in 2010 which has permanently divorced the students.

    On the face of it the platform from which the development was pronounced persuades every right thinking Zimbabwean to doubt the sincerity of Moyo’s pronouncements if not timely hatched mere political gimmicks. Surely why would it take the whole Minister a Zanu Poverty Front(Zanu Pf) conference in Masvingo to make such a supposedly noble academic nostrum towards dousing this current academic disaster.

    Seriously, when have we experienced a substantial economic rebound since 2006 to warranty reintroduction of such students’ grants if it’s on an indelible record that there were continued due to debilitating liquid freeze? I’m sure history hadn’t yet lost memory. How durable and sustainable is the scheme if ever its pragmatic having learnt that our economy is as dead as non-existent with civil servants monthly salaries now paid in arrears and bonuses no longer a government priority? The assortment of our economic maladies are longer than an arm and leg both combined as evidenced by the introduction of quasi currency known as bond note.


    It is with a heavier heart that I advise Minister Moyo that instead of masquerading as a policy technocrat from other planets sincere efforts need to redoubled in rebuilding the economy which he actively masterminded its obliteration. This is not mention degrees of systematic political corruption and prebandelism which Zanu Pf misleaders have long acquired.

    It is against such a background that if ever successful this grants scheme is set to be a financial conduit to be over abused by usual financial rapists within Zanu Pf to loot state resources not mention an inevitable incessant printing of the bond notes to meet such demands as we are currently embroiled in a serious inescapable financial funeral.

    I therefore recommend that instead of introducing the students’ loans increasing civil servants salaries, murdering state sponsored corruption, creating employment for all, pruning President Mugabe’s globetrotting appetite, reducing civil service workforce and ultimately channelling savings made thereof to productive sectors can be the giant step towards a Canaan alike Zimbabwe. Wouldn’t one be persuaded to think that reducing colleges’ exorbitant tuition fees will be better that allowing these principals of Zimbabwe corruption apprentice schools to introduce policies meant to pollute citizens’ understanding of Zanu Pf.?

    In conclusion the academia and citizens alike is advised to seek quality security services from the terraces as the system is set to inevitably implode. As we approach 2018 let’s all see the light as to why this over used Zanu Pf policy technocrat is attempting to achieve. Honourable Minister one old politically savvy grandfather of mine once taught me that ‘’No matter how you feed a lizard it will never turn out to be an elephant’’

    I rest my case.

    Rodwell Tendai Nyika is a Former Students Leader at National University of Science and Technology (NUST) & Official Zimbabwe Coalition for Employed Graduates (ZCUG) and writes in his own capacity.



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