Bishop Lazarus and his unholy communion

By Cde Setfree N Mafukidze

I normally don’t go through the Sunday Mail columns but on Christmas Day I bought myself a copy of the newspaper and as I was going through it I came across a column by one Bishop Lazarus,I honestly believe the Bishop fake as he is ,is busy giving unholy communion to Zimbabweans, so full of ignorance most probably arrogance.

In the said article whoever Bishop Lazarus is, seems divorced from the people of Zimbabwe his first statement written in both Shona and English says: “Ndipo powonzwa rimwe richiti Zanu-PF has stolen our Christmas. How?How can Zanu-PF steal the light that has been brought by the Son of Man and Son of God?

How can Zanu-PF steal the peace that has been brought by the Prince of Peace?How can Zanu-PF steal the Wonderful, Counselor,Mighty God and Everlasting Father?”

The fake Bishop seems to be shut out of a tradition that has been there the World over with Zimbabwe not an exception,Christmas Day has been remembered for many years to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ who is our saviour and the one who later died for our sins.

Christmas for as long as I have known it has been associated with merry making and exchange of gifts as is the norm when a family receives a newly born baby.Agreed Christmas is not about materialism what about just food for the millions of families who spent Christmas scrounging for food below the Zanu-PF table like Lazarus (not the fake bishop? From my reading of The Fake Bishops column

I realised he is trying to get people to assume they have been wrong to think Zanu-PF has stolen the spirit of Christmas in Zimbabwe. The fake man of cloth has failed in his writing to convince me that Zanu-PF has a big hand in the stealing of the spirit of Christmas probably his family was well fed on Christmas Day and days before that and even beyond because of his pro Zanu-PF stance.

Also according to him we over rate Zanu-PF by calling them responsible for theft of one of the most remembered days obviously the Zimbabwean calendar but honestly he is the one under rating Zanu-PF in as far as Christmas is concerned. Bishop Lazarus has ignored a lot in his assessment, he ignores the fact that as a result of Zanu-PF theft 15 Billion dollars worth of diamonds disappeared and remain unaccounted for to this day.

If I may ask him what he thinks could have been achieved with that much in Zimbabwe. That amount of money would have opened several production lines that would have created employment which would translate to earnings for thousands of families who are living on 1 dollar a day, how many Nurses from the 4000 who are currently out of work would have been employed with guaranteed salaries from that Zanu-PF theft.

Lazzy goes on to forget that rampant corruption has destroyed the country,this is executed by Zanu-PF Ministers and linked officials which is in turn has crippled the functioning of the country resulting in prejudice to the people of Zimbabwe. Zanu-PF has watched this go on because it is a beneficiary of these corrupt acts,it gains a lot from it and survives on it.

The Lazarus guy is ignoring the fact that Mugabe and his Zanu-PF government promised to pay bonuses to Civil Servants which could have alleviated their situation. Teachers have gone for Christmas holiday without pay according to Progressive Teacher’s Union of Zimbabwe Secretary General Raymond Majongwe.

We are in sad times ,the times of fake clergyman like Lazarus here who does not even stand by the people but rather protect the evil regime that has robbed the nation of anything meaningful not only Christmas has been robbed from the people of Zimbabwe, it’s their general livelihood that has been stolen from them, their day to day lives have been robbed by Zanu-PF and no-one else.

What communion is this that does not seek to bring out the truth? This is definitely unholy communion by the fake Bishop, he has equally ignored that the Zanu-PF leader has for the whole year been globe trotting spending millions of American dollars at the expense of the people of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe and his family have become known high spenders through travelling and shopping plus medical tourism that could have easily be ignored had Mugabe himself kept Zimbabwean Hospitals well maintained,adequately staffed and equipped.

Need I remind everyone of the 1,3 Million dollar diamond ring purchased by our greedy First Lady Grace Mugabe who seems not to get enough of jewellery ever since she became First Lady. Mugabe and Zanu-PF have indeed stolen everything and not only the celebratory spirit of Christmas, it’s so sad Mugabe has daft propagandists running columns in state controlled newspapers who are dismally failing to portray him any better, infact they are further tarnishing his already battered image. To Fake Bishop Lazarus I say stop this unholy communion, be truthful or just shut up . Zanu-PF Chiwororo pakuba true that Fake Bishop.

  • Setfree N Mafukidze writes in his personal capacity