Exposed: Moyo tried to kill Chiwenga before fleeing the liberation war

    By Christopher Mutsvangwa

    We are now fully aware that at Mgagao, Jonso squealed to his father Ndabaningi Sithole on a comrade who is now a top ZDF general. The said comrade reported to Wilfred Mhanda aka Dzinashe Machingura and Soul Sadza respectively camp and deputy camp commanders on Sithole’ s pursuit of a Ndau tribal supremacy much against the tenets of the fledgling guerrilla army of Chairman Herbert Chitepo and his top general Josiah Tongogara.

    Ndabaningi Sithole as Commander in Chief unilaterally and arbitrarily passed a summary execution order for the luckless youthful comrade.

    The intimidated Mhanda and Sadza proceeded on steps to carry out the death sentence. There was a challenge to carry out the cruel order. Both Tanzania and Zambia as host countries of the ZANLA and other regional guerrilla armies STRICTLY prohibited the spilling of foreign blood on their national territory.

    The two Mgagao commanders fell back to an earlier version of military rendition a la George Bush of USA. The hapless comrade was smuggled all the way to Chifombo so a firing squad could finish him at the north east Rhodesia war zone.

    Only the coincidental assassination of Chitepo on 10 March 1975 saved the said comrade’s life because of the ensuing pandemonium.

    This evil Jonso would later desert Mgagau and return to Ian Smith’s Rhodesia to command the rag-tag Chimwenje army of Sithole trained by the butcher dictator Idi Amini of Uganda.

    Two decades later in 1999, Jonso would be astoundingly be rehabilitated to State House through the efforts of late Solomon Mujuru. The duo would later fall out 4 years later , ith Mujuru and his wife Teurai then Vice President ensuring Jonso’s expulsion from ZANU-PF.

    With the proverbial many lives of a cat, Jonso would bounce back in 2013 to engage in unexplained ongoing preponderant influence at State House.

    Now he has morphed himself the role of compliance officer of a nebulous agenda of a self styled ideology and chief intimidating agent on behalf of a rudderless State House.

    As a war veteran who witnessed so much during the Struggle, I dismiss this irregular political usurpation by a wartime deserter turned spy. Let the coward Jonso know that he is incapable of scaring no-one let alone battle hardened war veterans.

    Jonso is viscerally cantankerous. Compulsive plotting is the hallmark of his DNA. This engendered by an obsessive craving for the top dog position of highest political destiny.

    This is a matter of record, according to a shared acquaintance who is now a Jo’burg based global businessman, Jonso used to sell himself as the anointed future President of Zimbabwe during his Ford Foundation days in the 1990s.

    This was his pitch to Western reporters and their handlers in intelligence circles. Today he rants all over the show atypical to a mad dog choked with mustard. A bridge too far for to power grab even as he struts in his act in the physical grounds of State House

    FYI the youthful comrade who escaped summary execution described is non other than General Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga. I stumbled upon the sizzling story as I quizzed him on Mhanda’ s allegations of Jonso’s repeated escape from Mgagao camp. The war General had simply forgotten of his ENCOUNTERS with Jonso at Mgagao.

    Chiwenga aka Dominic Chinenge had been assigned the role of PRIVATE ASSISTANT or ‘Guard Posto’ to Commander in Chief Ndabaningi Sithole. Ndabaningi had been fortuitously reinstated as President of ZANU by the Lusaka Unity Accord of 7 December of 1974 at the peak of US Secretary of State Kissinger’s Detente Exercise.

    Kaunda and Nyerere the leaders of the fledgling Frontline States which was being gingered by Samora Machel and Augustnho Neto had rebuffed the credentials of Robert Mugabe to sign on behalf of ZANU. Mugabe had been chosen by the then detained ZANU leadership as Sithole had been deposed after he publicly renounced the armed struggle at the behest of racist leader Ian Smith.

    Thereafter Sithole’s new treacherous mission in his adapted exile was to repatriate ZANLA guerrillas on surrender terms to the racist Rhodesian Army as called for by the imperialist Western powers and apartheid South Africa surrogates in the Detente Exercise. That’s  how Ndabaningi  Sithole landed at Mgagau Camp with Jonso being among the lead team of his preparatory generals.

    Ndabaningi Sithole was the the lackey of Ken Flower,  Rhodesia’ s chief spook who in turn snooped in the service of British MI6 against his fellow rebel colonial settlers.

    Ndabaningi  Sithole had checked on Chiwenga’s Ndau credentials much to the chagrin of the young comrade in a non tribal revolutionary ZANLA.

    The singular pursuit of power at whatever price is behind the vision blind management of the national economy ever since Kondo scaled to political ascendancy. The 2013 electoral landslide has been dissipated into petulant feuding for power. The self coined successionist sees their G40 scorch earth economic agenda as platform for power grab.

    The stolen future of a whole well educated youthful generation is of no bother at all. The daily diet of successionist drivel smudges twitter and the social media while abject poverty stalks the G40 benighted Zimbabwe

    I am keen and ready to humiliate Jonso, the swivelling political scoundrel to an open date. I will sure expose the dangerously ambitious political chameleon and ALL his Dr Jekyll and Mr Jude antics.

    • Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa is the Chairman of Zimbabwe’s War Veterans and a former Cabinet Minister. Article appears on Khuluma Afrika.

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