Game changing politics: Build Zimbabwe Alliance

By Prof Changamire

A monopoly does not hold when it comes to patriotism, the interests of a nation are not and should not be a privilege of a select few, rather a nation’s trajectory should be mapped by all concerned citizens for the benefit of all. This is the message that Dr Noah Manyika of Build Zimbabwe Alliance is pushing for, a clarion call for leaders to be accountable and listen to the led.

The new political party is a game changer in that it has its own school for leadership training. This goes to show how dedicated and serious they are to good governance practises, this school is open to all aspiring candidates regardless of political affiliation. However the leadership program is mandatory for all BZA candidates.  This is something that should be applauded and emulated across the board. The party is still in its infancy but the groundwork has been nothing short of impressive, the party president has been actively involved in community development both in the USA and Zimbabwe, and together with his dedicated team, they are working tirelessly to institute a government that can convey the possibilities of the 21st century to all Zimbabweans.

What Zimbabwe needs now is a fresh injection of new blood, a new mind set that has not been tainted with the trappings of power and hopeless boot licking and politicking which has been detrimental to the welfare of our people. The leader that Zimbabwe needs is one that recognises that our natural resources are finite, but our greatest resources lays neither in coal, diamonds or gold but in our people. The task of rebuilding this great nation can now no longer be left in the hands of recycled minds bereft of any idea to propel us forward and strategically and competitively position the citizens on the global market.

This cannot be done when cabinet appointees are nothing but are cabal of the old boys club or beneficiaries of political patronage as is the case at the moment, rather government appointees should be on merit, good governance and the ability to deliver. This is the general mood and Build Zimbabwe Alliance comprehensively answers those challenges. The demands of the citizens should be met. A country as great as ours cannot in this day and age still battle archaic diseases such as Typhoid, Malaria and Cholera. The Zimbabwean people deserve better than the hand that has been dealt them.

The inert potential of this country needs to be unlocked and harnessed accordingly, being effective doesn’t translate to having the enervated maladroit staying in office for years on end, but it is the realisation that together we can go far, the journey ahead needs all hands on deck, from warriors to cooks, doctors to sportspeople. Together,this land between the two rivers can flourish once again.

We cannot mortgage our country’s future on past events, rather we should register to vote and actually go to vote. Make it count, is there not a cause?

  • Prof Changamire is a political analyst, social commentator and founding father on Khuluma Afrika