Data may have fallen, but in moving to Netone & Telecel, we are falling for Govt dirty tricks

    By Patson Dzamara
    It is almost impossible for me to believe or celebrate anything with ZANU PF’s fingerprints. Even with my natural belief disposition, I can never at any given point in time tame myself into believing that suddenly ZANU PF has reformed to become people centric.

    It is my humble and subjective submission that as far as the confusion around data tarrifs is concerned, we are being fooled. This hullabaloo is infested with ZANU PF hallmark features of oppression, opportunism, dishonesty and ruthlessness. Since when does ZANU PF and it’s appendages care for the ordinary citizens and their voice?

    While I was at court on Thursday, I had an opportunity to chat with some of my colleagues over the data tarrifs confusion. I was skeptical to buy into Supa Mandiwanzira and Portraz’s shallow gimmick. To the amusement of my colleagues, I remained adamant that this was a meticulous and well executed ploy by ZANU PF inundated with a political extrapolation and innuendo.

    I have managed to breeze through Supa’s and Econet’s statements. My conclusion still remains that we are being played, shrewdly and effectively.

    I may be wrong but I see this as an apt manifestation of a decoy and a well orchestrated political manoeuvre by ZANU PF. While we conviniently and seemingly appropriately ululate and shake our bums celebrating, thinking that our voice was heard, we are actually playing into the ugly hands of ZANU PF. I choose not to and I won’t even if my assumptions and opinions are established to be far from reality. Those hands are too satanic for my liking and praise.

    ZANU PF has not reformed and they have not earned my trust. I doubt they ever will. One of the things I learnt early on my leadership journey is that i must be able to separate issues. I try my best to do that but I can never exonerate ZANU PF mafia and it’s surrogates from the disdain I harbour against them for presiding over gross evil activities against Zimbabweans. No, I will not fall for their kindergarten theatrics and shenanigans.

    That shameless gang is the Alpha and Omega of the confusion around data tarrifs. I shudder to believe that they are sincere and it’s regrettable that the whole nation was gullible enough to see them as saviours. At the epicenter of this madness is none other ZANU PF itself. It is solely responsible for creating this mess.

    I understand that we have been oppressed for too long and we desperately yearn for victory. Of course, we must count each and every victory, no matter how small, but I am afraid that in this particular case we are simply playing into ZANU PF’S hands.

    This is not victory on our part. It’s actually a monumental defeat. Through this, ZANU PF is effectively driving subscribers to its controlled networks. Not only will they take our money, it will be easy for them to monitor and control us. While we find ourselves raptured in a false sense of victory, our space is shrinking and pretty soon we will be suffocated.

    This is not a victory on the part of citizens. It’s a defeat and it must be treated as such.

    • Patson Dzamara is a leadership expert, human rights activist and author based in Zimbabwe)

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