Linda Masarira lied about being attacked & the disappearance of fellow activist / boyfriend

    By Maynard Manyowa

    Harare – Human rights activist and political protester Linda Masarira deliberately lied about the source of her injuries on social media, as well as the potential disappearance of Zinasu Secretary General Makomborero Haruzivishe, an investigation by Khuluma Afrika can reveal.

    Gruesome pictures of Linda Masarira in the aftermath of a clear assault were released on Social Media sites Facebook and Twitter on Saturday, before Ms Masarira took to her Facebook, where she filmed herself live, claiming to have been attacked by no less than half a dozen men, for political reasons.

    In the video Linda thanked God for his mercy, as well as reiterating the notion that Zanu PF aligned and / or state security agents acting on the instructions of President Robert Mugabe had besieged her residence and attacked her. It was also reported that she had been involved in an accident.

    Injuries suffered by Linda Masarira were not the result of an assault by 6 state security agents, but rather the result of an altercation with her boyfriend, who is now said to have been abducted.
    Injuries suffered by Linda Masarira were not the result of an assault by 6 state security agents, but rather the result of an altercation with her boyfriend, who is now said to have been abducted.

    Makomborero Haruzvishe, is said to have gone missing on the same date, the 13th, after he last attended a court session with fellow activists, among them Pride Mkono, and Patson Dzamara.

    However, all these claims have been proven to be wholly false, with informants very close to Linda, and the missing Zinasu Secretary General confirming a different set of facts, contrary to the claims.

    Facts on the ground paint a grissly picture of manipulation, lies, deceit, and calculated moves, which are meant to harness public sympathy, deceive the masses into outrage, and other ulterior motives.

    Khuluma Afrika can reveal that, Linda Masarira (34) is in a secret romantic relationship with Makomborero (24), who is a decade her junior. The relationship itself has been a source of hot debate, with fellow activists strongly condemning it for the reasons that it was a huge distraction from their goals, a dangerous hot potato that could ruin the image of the movements linked to the persons, and that Linda, who is a decade older than the young general, and has five children with five different fathers ought to be a mother and model to the young man, and not a bed mate.

    On the 13th, which is said to be the day Makomborero went missing, he was involved in a nasty confrontation with his girlfriend, which resulted in a physical altercation, in which Linda not only lost, but received a healthy dose of beating.

    Linda Masarira was then transported, with the help of friends to what is at this time believed to be The Avenues Hospital in Harare’s CBD, where she was treated for her injuries and then discharged. Staff, doctors, and nurses who attended to her, are aware of this version of events – that she was not beaten by state security agents, but rather fought with her young companion.

    The now missing activist was not seen by staff at the hospital with Linda, and his whereabouts at that present time are yet to be established, although Linda is said to have claimed she last spoke to him on his way to Masvingo, which is obviously untrue.

    After being released from hospital, Linda then filmed herself live, laying the full blame on government controlled security agents.

    A few activists within the leadership of the different movements that Linda is a part of are said to have heavily exchanged reservations with her regarding the blatant lie that she had been attacked and that her disappeared boyfriend could have been attacked en-route to Masvingo.

    Documents seen by Khuluma Afrika categorically confirm that she deliberately lied about the attack at the hands of six men, and may know more about the whereabouts of Makomborero.

    Pride Mkono, a fellow activist, took to Facebook to address the disappearance of Makomboreroro, falling short of questioning the authenticity of the abduction claims, as well as the accident that injured Linda. He wrote,

    “When I was with Mako at court we talked on a lot of issues and certainly if he was going to go to Masvingo he could have hinted on that given that we have a court case on 18 January 2017.

    To add to the mystery, on the same day that Linda purports to have been involved in an accident with a car that is sometimes driven by Mako. She also later on alleges that she was attacked by 6 men at her ‘residence’ which she shares with Mako.

    My hope is that this is not part of the many dramas that we saw being staged last year. If indeed it is a genuine concern, Linda must go and report to the police as she is the last person to have seen Mako and was staying with him in any event…”

     Mkono is not the only fellow compatriot to raise the flag about the staged attack. Several other activists who refused to be named for the fear of victimization were clearly incensed by the staged deception, despite carrying intense worry about the exact whereabouts of Makomborero. They are however almost in unison that Linda knows the whereabouts her compatriot come companion.

    • Maynard Manyowa is a journalist, political commentator, and contributing editor on Khuluma Afrika – a center for analysis and investigative journalism.



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