Mugabe urged to hand over power to Mnangagwa at his birthday celebration

    By Batsirai Musona

    ZANU PF party like I once highlighted in one of my last articles, is no longer the people’s party but a personal project of a self centred and myopic president Robert Mugabe , hence making it impossible for any individual in that private enterprise to raise their voice against the self styled mafia style don .

    This private project has been fortified by a well oiled bootlicking mantra , hero worshipping absurdity as well as a useless patronage and cultism system that will not only destroy the party but a guaranteed recipe for disaster and extinction of the Mugabe legacy and ZANU PF ‘s continued existence .

    For this reason and numerous other reasons, Mugabe is not willing nor in a hurry to hand over power to anyone. In my opinion , he will not do so when he is still alive but may be after the gods decided on denying him the air to breathe . He wants to make dangerous history by being the first and last president of both ZANU PF and Zimbabwe who will have never referred to any Zimbabwean as his superior thereby setting a very bad precedence of the highest standard of selfishness and very unpatriotic tendencies . He does not care what will happen long after he has departed because there is in Shona there is a saying ” wafa wanaka ” whatever that means.

    However from now onwards we will as citizens of this country not stop calling for Mugabe’s immediate retirement from active politics. As a result of his prolonged, unwelcome and forced stay in power has caused a lot of suffering to the generality of the citizens of this once beautiful country . The economic fortunes of our country have been plundered by a chosen few of president Mugabe’s inner most circle who include his motor mouth wife .

    I’m not trying to play down the important contributions this president Mugabe has done for ZANU PF and the country at large starting from the early 60’s during the early days of the liberation struggle up to 1980 besides the period between 1990 and the year 2000 when he had nuts tightly fit and his marbles in place.

    This man sacrificed a lot both personally and materially for this country but that does not give him a blank cheque to do as he pleases with people’s lives and the future of this once bread basket of Southern Africa that he has single handedly destroyed . In all the contributions he made during the period mentioned , we have some equally very prominent people who contributed even more than he did so president Mugabe must not see himself as an omnipotent immortal being .

    Some of these luminaries of the liberation struggle have long departed but some are still living but this man tries by all means to overshadow or outshine them whilst considering himself to some main actor in a movie as he was made to believe by a political upstart in a state craft . These armed struggle luminaries are the people who he persecutes day and night as if they are enemies yet they lost all their dignity the liberation cause .
    Therefore if president Mugabe sincerely appreciates and value other people’s contributions the same way they, appreciate , respect and value his contributions , then he must without wasting much of our valuable time pass on the button of power to one of them who were side by side with him during the liberation struggle and let Zimbabwe move on without further ado.

    Progressive and right thinking Zimbabweans are not only sick and tired of president Mugabe’s disrespectful wife but utterly disgusted by his overdue and prolonged stay at state house . The journey travelled from the early days of nationalism by activists like Benjamin Burombo , the late Father Zimbabwe VP Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo up to the armed struggle can be likened to Egypt’s enslavement of God’s people. Moses was then raised to liberate God’s chosen people and embarked on a journey to the promised land of milk and honey , that is freedom to be human and having the will power to chart a course towards the aspired.

    I’m tempted yet deeply bored to give similarities of events between the biblical Moses and Mugabe. Moses was given the duty to free the Israelites from Egyptian bondage and embarking on a journey to the promised land free from oppression and any forms of inhumanity. Moses was very much eager to live and see the promised land of abundance but God his sender had other plans for him . He had done his part of getting God’s people out of Egypt according to God but the duty of getting the Israelites to the promised land full of milk and honey it needed some one else in the form of Joshua.

    40 years they spent in the wilderness trying to get to Canaan but they couldn’t because the old and temperamental Moses was still at helm. It was only after one good day when God instructed Moses to anoint Joshua as the new leader to lead God’s people to the promised land because Moses would not get.

    President Mugabe is trying to be both Moses and Joshua thereby resisting the most noble calling to hand over power to his 2nd in command VP Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa aka. Comrade Trabablus , who happens to be his long serving , unwavering loyalist and prison mate who escaped the gallows by a whisker in the same fashion the biblical Joshua was saved from death by Moses when he killed the Egyptian according to biblical narratives .

    The Joshua president Mugabe must hand over power to is indisputably none other than Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and he doesn’t like it he might as well begin to like it . Everyone is entitled to their opinion but don’t mistaken me for a person sent by Mnangagwa to speak on his behalf because I have my own ethos but I’m just bringing out the sentiments of the majority of the Zimbabwean people in general and in particular the ZANU PF faithfuls and this is the naked truth Mugabe and his inner cabal don’t want to hear . All this Mugabe chete chete and the shameful presidential candidature endorsements including other funny and hero worshipping and bootlicking slogans are only done during the day much to the amusement of sekuru Va Simba but it is something else during closed door meetings. That is what he wants to hear to be lied to that the people love you Mr president.
    No wonder why he will not act against social media abuses by his hard nutty , tweeting rocket scientist professor who he once called the devil incarnate, the weevil with a head as hard as a coconut. That is why president Mugabe will not care about an economy that is in the intensive care unit as a result of corruption because he is the chief officer commanding the corruption brigade.

    Brimming evidence is abound and awash. If he denies this then he must account for the plunder of Marange diamonds worthy $15 billion. People are doing this because they have come to know how much Baba Va Bona likes to be endulged as so Demi god . It is an open secret that the majority of ZANU PF membership now want to see the back of president Mugabe because they have had enough of him. . In Mugabe’s own words , a leader must come from the people , we the people have chosen Mnangagwa as our next president after Mugabe and those that feel otherwise can be subjected to an election to prove that Mnangagwa is not only electable but also shockingly popular .

    Mnangagwa may not be interested but we the people will press it on him to lead us the same way we pressed Mugabe to lead us after the Sithole debacle and the Mgagao Declaration style might be re-employed. Leadership in ZANU PF is by peoples power and choice therefore we will do the same to make sure that the will of the people is respected in installing Mnangagwa to be the next president whether president Mugabe and other G40 membership like it or not. He who dares to stand on the way of a moving bullet moving train does so at their own peril. Kumagumo kunenyaya !!!

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