Official: Zimbabwe People First expresses gratitude to the people of Bikita West, and Zimbabwe

By Zimbabwe People First Japan 

Against all odds and despite life threatening circumstances which were pregnant with Zanu Pf’s vote buying, intimidation and victimization tactics, you showed us what we are capable of as a nation; you showed us that the Zimbabwean electorate has the capacity to choose a different path and the desire to choose hope over fear. We may have come out of this battle bruised but we are not out.

Now that the dust has settled, we can start to look ahead to the future. This election was a tipping point that heralded the complete realignment of our politics. History will remember this election as the moment that Zanu Pf lost its traction, and the moment when ZimPF emerged as a serious contender to win a national election.

The people of Bikita West showed us the way; they proved to us that if we unite as a nation, we can send this regime packing. We have every reason to be optimistic because this government has failed us. For too long, this regime has prioritized corruption over the life and future of Zimbabweans. They have prioritized their pockets at the expense of our tummies. They have rendered us second class citizens and have robbed us of our dignity and hope as a people.

While they spend holidays in lavish style in the far east, we live in a country where 90% of our people are without work, and have given up any hope of finding a job, a country where hospitals have been chronically underfunded for years thereby endangering our lives and a country where the state of the roads represents that of death traps.

Fortunately this regime is an out-of-touch and divided government that is unable to self-correct, and has passed a point of no return. They are on a free fall and only a defeat in 2018 can save them from crushing. They can no longer shy away from this crisis. They must either act or ship out!

Fellow Zimbabweans we have approached a tipping point where we must choose either Zanu Pf or Zimbabwe. We have come to a point where we can shape the future of our dreams, a point where we can reclaim our pride as a country and a point where we can say good bye to this incompetent regime.

Gambia did it, Ghana did it, and Zimbabwe too can do it. We have a duty towards our shared future to release our country from Zanu pf’s death grip as soon as we possibly can. We have an obligation to salvage the future of our children from the wicked jaws of this evil regime.

Bikita West showed us our potential, it showed us that as Zimbabweans, we can defeat fear and conquer intimidation. Whatever happens in the coming months as we brace ourselves for 2018, there can be no doubt that the tide in our political landscape is turning, and as ZimPF we will continue to build on this growth knowing that the days of this evil regime now numbered.

Let’s do this fellow Zimbabweans, we owe it to ourselves, we all it to our children and we all it to God! Rise up Zimbabwe let’s make this beautiful nation great again!!!!

Brick by Brick, we will continue to build in peace!!!!!!