Julius Malema is right, everyone in Zanu PF is a coward – Grace Mugabe Ex-husband says

Harare (Khuluma Afrika) – Grace Mugabe’s estranged ex-husband, Stanley Goreraza has reportedly thrown his weight behind Julius Malema’s comments that everyone in Zanu PF is a coward incapable of telling Robert Mugabe to quit and that the President was now old, and clearly incapable of dispensing his duties.

Writing on Social Network site Facebook, Goreraza tore into his fellow comrades.

“Hypocrites are usually cowards and cowards are always liars who don’t mean what they say and say what they don’t mean. There is absolutely no defense for putting a 93 year old man to the punitive job of President with its rigorous and exhausting demands which will suck the life out of a very old man who requires assistance in simple things like walking and planting a tree.”

The statement follows hot on the heels of massive protestations first by the commander in chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Cde Julius Malema, himself a former student of Mugabeism.

“President Mugabe has reached a stage where he can’t do anything to you. He’s finished.” said Malema, during an EFF plenium in Braamfontein on Monday.

Zimbabwe’s situation is bad. President Mugabe cannot even control a spade,” he told reporters.

Grace Mugabe’s former husband echoed similar statements, adding that, “Unless of course you are trying to kill this old man because you are not enough of a man to tell the truth with the evident truth being the old man is way past his rest time. When you love someone, you tell them the truth, be it pleasant or unpleasant.”

In his presser, Malema had echoed similar sentiments, “We say this out of love, not because we hate him. We celebrate Mugabe, we celebrate what he has done. But grandpa it’s enough,”

Goreraza added that the truth was problematic within Zanu PF.

“But the truth will never be told in Zanu PF because nothing is more feared there than the truth. The truth would mean waking Zanupf from its dreams, fictitious dreams which everyone is required to believe in. The truth is reality and reality in Zanupf is a creation of Zanu PF’s enemies. Whoever speaks in realistic language becomes a sellout who could wake others from blissful dreams in which poverty is empowerment and misery inspires celebratory whistling and ululation.

When people are afraid, truth becomes more rare than diamonds. People living in fear hide the truth and hide from the truth, lest they be made to pay for contact with it. If someone in Zanupf stood up and told Mr Mugabe it’s time to do the right thing and step down, there is no guarantee others would stand up and support them in the truth, even though they would be thinking the exact same thing.

That brave someone would find himself or herself being attacked left, right and center by people who share his or her thinking that Mr Mugabe should step down.

One brave man or woman would be attacked by thousands of cowards. Cowards attack only in great numbers but by themselves they are nothing but chicken droppings. A man like Solomon Mujuru would ask “Mr Mugabe, when will you go”? right to his face as the cowards looked like shy school girls being proposed to. If one man stood up and supporting voices were heard, Mr Mugabe would panic.”

Goreraza paid homage and tribute to ‘real’ Zanu PF heroes who have over the years stood up to Mugabe, in contrast to the current crop of young leaders, commonly called young turks, who insist on defending Mugabe at all costs, among them the likes of Professor Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao, and Kudzai Chipanga.

“A few brave people like Edgar Tekere, Solomon Mujuru, Edison Zvobgo, Dumiso Dabengwa and Simba Makoni, refused to bow down before a mere mortal in Mr Mugabe who loves it when people kneel , degrading themselves before him. Cowards have no self respect. In broad day they get on their knees and suck on another man’s manhood like a child on its mother’s breast, as the whole world watches.”

“The cowards bend down before another man, like a woman does, and are sodomised for a few favors and a position in government. Margaret Dongo gave an appropriate description of what they are like.

(Khuluma Afrika was unable to independently verify if Wing Commander Stanley Dako Goreraza is indeed the man behind the Facebook account. However, it almost certain that the account is authentic since the account has connections with genuine accounts of Zanu PF heavyweights. Also, given how vocal the account is, it is telling that it has not been shut down or reported to Facebook as being an impersonated account, giving more credence to the view that it is a genuine account)