Editorial: Maynard Manyowa leaves Khuluma Afrika indefinitely

Khuluma Afrika’s co-Editor, Maynard Manyowa will as of tommorow, January 31, 2017, be temporarily relieved from his duties for an indefinite period of time while he undergoes treatment for medical complications which at this point are considered ‘considerably serious’

Exactly a year and a month since the launch of the platform, one which he was a founding and contributing Editor, this development is a pause, in what surely has been a meteoric rise from obscurity to regional and global acclaim as one of Africa’s most balanced and exciting centers for political analysis, commentary and investigative journalism.

Throughout 2016, Maynard Manyowa as part of the Khuluma team published several investigations on corruption, incompetence, theft, abuse of office, and patronage systems in Zimbabwe. Some of those, especially articles on government officials, have helped inform society better.

Under the shared guidance of Maynard Manyowa and other members of the editorial team, Khuluma Afrika has risen to become a candid content partner for the continents biggest news and media agencies, like Power 98.7 FM in South Africa, News 24 in South Africa, Newsday, Nehanda Radio, Bulawayo 24, The Standard, The Independent, The Daily News, while featuring on leading South African agencies like Eye Witness News, 702 Radio, SABC News, Cape Talk Radio, and others.

In that period, the publication has seen the likes of Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa, Ambassador Isaac Moyo, Dr Patson Dzamara, Jason Zhuwao, and many others contribute ideas, write, or simply avail themselves for discussion with the publication.

What began at launch as an idea has fast became a unique center for balanced views. Uncompromised, and uncompromising, Khuluma Afrika’s editorial policy was made to be one which was free from the bane of commercial pressures and mischievous agendas often set by those who pay the piper to play a tune of their choice. It has continued to be so.

As an individual and as a journalist, Maynard himself possesses the same qualities that made Khuluma Afrika unique. Which made it a platform for both the old, and the young. Where an article about serious political issues would lie, side by side with another on social ills.

Maynard revived the idea of a unified journalist, one who is able to mix subtle rumour, political banter, with proper academic and researched writing.

His roles and duties will be taken over in the interim by other members of the editorial team while we hope and wish him the best chances of full recovery so that he may resume his duties.

Because his intellectual presence is strong, his absence will mean his image, and his influence on editorial policy will remain.

The entire editorial team, and staff, would once again love reiterate their unwavering support for Maynard, and his family in this difficult time, as well as wish him the very best as he undertakes his journey to recovery.

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