On Linda Masarira: Setting the record straight

By Pride Mkono

Normally I do not respond to hogwash but however, given the harm that my friends, family and loved ones have endured as a result of systematic character assassination and insults emanating from my post concerning rather dramatic actions by Lynda Tsungie Masarira and Makomborero Haruzivishe.

As a result, I have since been subjected to a barrage of insults and bad mouthing from the two concerned parties and their shadowy faceless social media trollers. I will however not respond to insults as that would betray the good intentions I had on that post.
The post sort to achieve three things:

1. That the comrades in question especially Lynda Tsungie Masarira stop insinuating that Makomborero Haruzivishe had disappeared or something of a similar nature which she was consistently communicating to many other comrades including the media.

2. That Makomborero Haruzivishe be found without any unnecessary drama.

3. That the social movement and activists ultimately remain clean from dubious alarmist tendencies that can erode credibility and in fact put comrades in real danger.

These three objectives were indeed attained and it was rather unfortunate that other unintended bedroom issues shot to the fore which caused much embarrassment on some parties. I must say that it was not my intention to highlight their discreet liaison and or deliver moral judgement upon the same.

So at this stage I can only apologise to my friends, family and loved ones who had to bear and stand some undignified words and hate filled speech that thrown at my person and relations since this issue burst into the court of public opinion. I sincerely apologise for the trauma it may have caused to these otherwise very innocent third parties!