Forget St Valentine’s Day, lets have our own Dzamara day

    By Patson Dzamara

    All my life, I have never been a keen believer in Valentine’s. The only time I have ever done something for someone in the name of Valentine’s was back then when I was in high school.

    I didn’t have any choice.

    During my school going days, we would come up with different ratings for girls such as the top five most beautiful girls in the class, stream or even school. At the commencement of the ordinary level journey (form 3) we would be clustered into different classes based on subjects prowess.

    My new classmates would always praise this one particular girl for her beauty. I didn’t know her prior, but eventually got to know her through them, or rather know of her.

    According to them, she was not only in the top three of the most beautiful girls in our stream but the entire school.

    Having seen her, and the abundance in her beauty, I quickly realised she was out of my league, to the point where a simple hello, was completely out of the question.

    When i was in primary school, a new comer had transferred to our school and immediately stolen the hearts of many boys, including mine. I never saw her again after our grade 7 exams. Her name was Valerie.

    Strangely and interestingly, history repeated itself during my high school days.

    One afternoon, during our after class study session, we were in the same class with the girl who was touted as the most beautiful at our school. From nowhere, this beautiful girl came to where I was seated and asked me to be her friend.

    From that day onwards, we would walk home together actually. The other guys with whom I attended Scripture Union sessions regularly actually wanted to excommunicate me because my world was now revolving around that girl.

    As a result, I would fail to own up to some of my responsibilities as a Scripture Union leader while attending to the girl much to the disappointment of my colleagues.

    It was during that period of our young innocent love that I gave this girl a Valentine’s gift (a blue school jersey and a perfume bought from TM stores). She in turn gave me a Roy and Royce cassette and dedicated that Handirege song to me.

    Of course, that is the only time I have ever given anything to anyone in the name of Valentine’s or for Valentine’s.

    What is critical to note is the fact that i was forced to do this by my circumstances. There was a certain guy in my class whose name was Farai. He came from a rich family and would always come to school with pricey items to flaunt at us. Farai also wanted to be with this girl.

    When i learnt that he had planned to get her something big for Valentine’s… I had to do something.

    But, Comrade Wife believes in Valentine’s but this Nyati doesn’t.

    I found myself laughing at a response I gave her while she was trying to convince me to wish her a Happy Valentine’s, whatever it really means.

    In one of my responses I wrote, “But I am not Valentine, neither are you my love. I am Dzamara. Let’s create a Dzamara day and we can tell each other Happy Dzamara’s day the whole day and celebrate Dzamara’s love.

    Today a friend of mine forced me to be his messenger. I delivered those flowers to his girlfriend. I will deliver mine to Dr. Amai when I become Valentine or when we create Dzamara day.

    Happy Saint Valentine’s Day

    • Dr Patson Dzamara

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