We must be wary of the unrepentant Professor!

    By Kudakwashe Chikwanda

    The coalition of the willing has failed to exterminate the regime and Tsvangirai and Mujuru’s alliance is accelerating into its own political Waterloo. In reality ZANU-PF has survived the implosion engineered from without. For perspective, history has it that by ditching ESAP, undertaking FTLRP and nationalization of critical areas of the country’s economy ZANU-PF by default became a sworn enemy of capitalist church.

    To thwart the domino-effects of such policy shift by Zimbabwe the west banked on the civilian pain = political gain through sanctions to prop up MDC-T into power but thanked be the sons of the soil for their intellectual vigilance; Zimbabweans managed to see through the curtains of semantic obfuscation.

    The grand coalition of the west, NGOs and MDCs dismally failed. From last year to date Tsvangirai and Mujuru had mooted to join hands in their quest to overthrow the regime but a spirit of confusion has engulfed the two centers which they represent; Brains behind Mujuru are no more so she is destined to fail and on the other end Khupe is questioning the relevance of the marriage. She like many in her corner have concerns on who will be the VPs if it happens that they will win the fast approaching harmonized elections in 2018.

    The bowl has Chamisa, Mudzuri, Khupe, Ncube, Mujuru, Makoni,Biti and who knows maybe another Professor Mutambara eyeing the two VP posts and with this in mind it’s dog eat dog and the coalition against the people’s party is good as dead. Even if the self professed coalition husband avoids polygamy and choose Mujuru for a coalition will that add value on the background that she is now brainless after firing those who hired her.

    If the two draft a political marriage it will be a coalition of the losers ; MDC-T failed to dislodge ZANU-PF since inception and has  been disintegrating and on the other hand Mujuru jailed to get at least 49 percent of the votes in Bikita-West by-elections and became more statistical about the battering. ZANU-PF will organize a celebratory extravaganza if the opposition coalesces.

    Why? It survived an annihilative and combative international coalition from 2000 and NERA or CODE is but a chick which will experience a baptism of fire from the will be 94 years old ZANU-PF’s presidential candidate come 2018. In reality the revolutionary party will without much strain survive in 2018 harmonized elections.

    After all this celebration ZANU-PF has to be wary of one man, it’s the Professor. I have no qualms about it, he is learned and as a political science intellectual he knows quite well that the revolutionary party is very strong ideologically, combative in approach, vigilant in character and united as a force. In early 2000s he once professed that to destroy ZANU-PF you have to do it from within and to his credit Jonathan Moyo is a principled chap he has lived to his word; he is destroying ZANU-PF from within.

    The party has a spokesperson but the professor has anointed self as the party’s mouthpiece maybe by virtue of his professorship. The First Secretary countless read the riot act and ordered the Central Committee members to desist using social media to score trivial political vendettas but to every cadre’s surprise Prof Moyo is twitter addicted more than Trump.

    The Prof have guts to disappoint his appointer and this had a bad precedence and personalities like Chimene, Shoko and Chipanga have followed suit by denigrating senior party members including the part of the presidium’s trinity. It is the professor who created and gave names to factions, it’s him who saw ambitions to overthrow on a mug, it’s the Minister who sees evilness in the powers vested on his excellence to appoint his VPs yet he once propagated clandestinely for the one-centre of power.

    It is Moyo who can challenge ZACC’s composition and powers to bring Robin Wood before the wheels of justice; maybe it is because you can’t question the rationality of actions by a professor because he is learned and if you challenge his conduct it is tribalism.

    The professor is sowing the seeds of disharmony and disloyalty among comrades. The revolution has survived the coalitions of the willing but will it survive the capture by the professor? Can comrades sell the professor a political dummy and let his experiment of destroying the people’s party from within strangle him? Be wary when dealing with the unrepentant professor and pass my word to him that those who sow wind will definitely reap whirlwind.


    • Kudakwashe Chikwanda is Political Analyst and Social Commentator with Khuluma Africa.

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