Joice Mujuru: When the past becomes our only chance of a future

    By Hubert Sithole

    While the Zimbabwean is suffering from his loss of the country and very much living the life of an Embattled creature, it is not enough. He is also forced to massage and or romance trivialities by some card board cut or rather, excuses of men who, instead of focusing on how to BUILD Zimbabwe, are busy Queen Being those who are. I am perturbed. What have we become? A gullible people? We are facing a very implacable foe from a totally unexpected quarter but Man oh Man, we are not willing to do anything about it.

    I am forced to believe that we are not aware that we are just a couple of months to elections or just for the pleasure of it, we just don’t care. These elections will hop us into a better FUTURE or keep us where we are, here, in the PAST. Yes you heard me right… Zimbabwe is still in the Past. We were robbed of our present by a heartless government that sodomise us day and night. What kind of a people believe in a 93 year old man? You want to tell me we are a normal man? No, I didn’t think so.

    For so long a time, we have been earmarked to live lives of suffering and unrelieved misery by Mugabe and his “wives”. Dr Mujuru was a part of that pack, lest we forget. OK.

    Let’s get back to my question :Is Joice Mujuru the PAST or the FUTURE?Are we going to judge her for her past or we are going to accept her apology and work with her to BUILD Zimbabwe? After all, who can be worse than Mugabe?

    Not ignoring what she used to be (which is only being part of a flawed system), Dr Joice is a very remarkable character – fit even for the highest office. She has this radical, yet inviolable spirit in her that makes one a fine leader. She has seen it all and probably have the answers to all.

    Again, close to Mujuru’s moral authority is, of course, her allotted role as an outstanding underdog of Zimbabwe’s history to whom anything that could go wrong went wrong. Her husband killed. Her carrier poisoned, abuse from men who want to make her their Queen Bee. Paradoxically, however, she continues to radiate a certain warmth and passionate sincerity that overshadows the disrespect and betrayal she has been exposed to. I stand with her.

    I agree that for all her singular attributes, however, Mujuru’s role in the past Zimbabwe is as outstanding as it is problematic. But one would agree with me if I say by nature or by nurture, Zimbabweans know that Mugabe is a god in ZANU PF and everyone there bows to him. Mujuru was not immune to his evil spell. She was reduced to a mere shadow, jumping when he jumps, falling when he falls. So unfortunate.

    She is on her own now and can she be our Future? Ooh yes, I personally think so. She is focused and calm…

    Unlike some women we know. Yes, those who speak of bonde (sex) and a whole lot more of explicit words in front of grade ones and twos who, unfortunately are forced to attend rallies. What a DisGrace of a Grace we have in Zimbabwe.

    On an equally important matter, one can not speak of Change without speaking of the MDC. I still think they still have a little of “that thing” in them. But, I am not sure if they can defeat Mugabe on their own again this time around. Dr Tsvangirai has failed to remove Mugabe for nearly two decades now… What have changed? Nothing. Like many Zimbabweans out the, I think it’s time to set our difference aside and unite.

    Because, “Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is a process (and) working together is a success”

    • Hubert Sithole is a poverty reduction analyst and a social development expert based in South Africa. Article appears on Khuluma Afrika.

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