The tragedy of a destructive and selfish President

Mugabe, A Charming Orator But Blood Sucking Despot
Mugabe, A Charming Orator But Blood Sucking Despot

By Livingstone Masamba

There is a thin line between Robert Mugabe and Ian Smith’s oppressive tendencies in terms of retaining State Power. The two share many similarities ranging from dealing ruthlessly with opposition to employing unorthodox means to prolong their stay at State House.

However, one thing that separates the 2 is the colour of their skin and Smith’s excellent ability to run the economy. We do not have in our history, events where Smith’s government was marred by allegations of corruption by high ranking government officials. We only started hearing about this disgrace when Mugabe assumed office soon after 1980. Smith’s superior economic sense is also evidenced in many areas as he was able to provide jobs to many people and maintain a strong currency. In addition, Smith’s government was able put in place fantastic physical infrastructure which took hard work by Robert Mugabe to bring down.

Ian Smith never flew to faraway places to seek medical attention but rather he improved the local medical facilities to world class standard. Unfortunately the destructive Mugabe worked so hard to destroy Smith’s hard work.

Smith never mistreated his own but rather treated them as superior to other races unlike our own who apply his ruthlessness indiscriminately as long as one is opposed to his ways of doing things. Am not supporting preferential treatment of people based on their race but am simply saying that our own Mugabe only cares about Chatunga, himself and the rest of his family.

We should end this madness by one of our own before he takes the little left with him to his grave. we all must register to vote and make sure that we have voted in 2018.

Educating people about the importance of exercising their right to vote should be the responsibility of every enlightened Zimbabwean and not the civic society’s responsibility alone.

  • Livingstone Masamba is a political commentator, analyst and expert on Zimbabwe’s Political dispensation