Who is to blame for the malaise in Zanu PF?

    By Godfrey Tsenengamu.

    Looking at what is happening in the ZANU-PF party currently, whom do you think is to blame for the confusion and disorder in the ZANU-PF party?

    You think it is coming from a group of people properly organised or loosely linked to each other? Or you think it is coming from some individuals or an individual within that party?

    Many of you would firmly say it is coming from some misguided individuals organised as a faction within that party, which individuals you think are power hungry and trying to position themselves to grab power from a legitimately elected leader of that party and in your view are the ones causing these unnecessary divisions in the party.

    Many of you would give blame to either of the two known factional groupings in the ZANU-PF party which are said to be Lacoste and Generation 40 (G40).

    Some of you will rush to say it is Emmerson Mnangagwa and his alleged factional grouping, Team Lacoste.

    Others would say it is Generation 40 as fronted by Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo, incorporating Phelekezela Mphoko as backed by First Lady Grace Mugabe.

    A few of you may suggest it is because of the hand of external detractors most likely the CIA or any other powerful external intelligence houses.

    If you think that any of the above groupings or individuals are to blame for the chaotic scenes and disorder in ZANU-PF, then it is very unfortunate in that it is not only you who maybe taking things that way, the majority are. I also had the same views at some point and now l differ and firmly believe l was wrong and believe that you may also be wrong too.

    I strongly believe that behind all this chaos and confusion in the party, there is one player fuelling it all and this player is none other than the man himself, President Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

    Yes l maintain that, President Mugabe is the source of all the confusion engulfing the party. He is the One Centre of Problems in ZANU-PF.
    You want to know why, just read on.

    The Background

    To help you understand the current upheavals l will take you back to 2014 and give critical hints on the developments as they happened at that time.

    In 2014, President Mugabe was the power behind our attack on the then Vice President Joyce Mujuru and her team at the State House meeting during the Women’s League Conference after a chaotic Youth Conference which saw Kudzanai Chipanga winning elections against the then preferred candidate, Tongai Kasukuwere.

    Remember like l said before, we (the expelled 7 youth chairpersons, Lewis Mathuthu, Tongai Kasukuwere and Edson Chakanyuka) had a meeting with the President two days before that meeting with Mai Mujuru and crew at State House where he gave us details of the Mujuru plan to take over power and incited us to take them head on as he gave us assurances that no harm would come to us as he declared that he was the only elected official and the rest were mere appointees he would fire at any time.

    President Mugabe was behind the state media onslaught on his subordinates during that period where unfounded treasonous allegations against his subordinates were being peddled. You must remember how he sang that song “ndiwe muroyi ndiwe” to Nicholas Goche before a Politburo meeting in the full glare of the media.

    President Mugabe was behind the First Lady’s Meet The People Tour of 2014 as he was the only one who authorised the release of two state helicopters to fly his wife to different venues of her rallies across the country. No one would.

    President Mugabe was the man behind all those accusations against his then subordinates and he was the one who originated those allegations though he had to send his wife to do the hatchet job while he watched from a distance. He always uses a third party to do his fighting while he maintains “clean” hands.

    President Mugabe was fully behind the move by Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri to relinquish the Women’s League post to his wife and through his emissaries promised her the Secretary for Administration post which he didn’t honour at last.

    President Mugabe was solidly behind the move to remove the Women’s Quota clause in the constitution to enable the decimation of Mujuru as he would not do it so easily if the clause was to remain in the constitution.

    President Mugabe was solidly behind the incorporation of the One Centre of Power concept replacing the clause that called for election of the Party Presidium as has been confirmed by his nephew Patrick Zhuwao. The clause was drafted by Jonathan Moyo with Mugabe’s approval and instruction.

    President Mugabe was responsible for the decimation of the Jabulani Sibanda led War Veterans executive and instructed the installation of a new one and helped with resources for the 2014 Masvingo War Veterans meeting.

    President Mugabe was behind the 2014 war veterans and youth meeting at the party HQ as he instructed police superiors to allow the smooth passage of buses to that rally after reports reached him that busses were being blocked by police and he had to personally intervene.

    President Mugabe was responsible for misleading people to openly support and align with Joyce Mujuru as his choice of a successor as was the case with Ambassador John Mvundura of Manicaland who after innocently seeking his advice as he assumed the provincial chairmanship was told to support Mai Mujuru only to find himself on the war path with his boss for doing that which he had told him. He would do this so that he is able to identify potential threats and deal with those individuals as they would have exposed themselves.

    President Mugabe was responsible for creating and promoting factional groupings in 2014 as you would remember his attack on Kudakwashe Bhasikiti before a Politburo meeting when he said that Bhasikiti was in the “wrong basket”.

    President Mugabe was responsible for the high levels of indiscipline that rocked the party from 2014 as he incited juniors to openly challenge and harass party stalwarts as was our case when we attacked Mai Mujuru and other senior party members. We had his blessings and full backing.

    In 2014 from the very day we met the President at State House for our first meeting, the state house was turned into the command centre of all activities leading to the demise of Mai Mujuru and all meetings of the party were to be coordinated from State House and not the party HQ.

    President Mugabe would ask the State Residences Principal Director Dr Tizora to arrange his meetings with various party groups and individuals at the State House to discuss party issues and devise ways to deal with his internal rivals.

    Would you blame the State Residences Principal Director Dr Tizora for having taken over in the run up to Congress the supposed roles of the Party Director Cde Dzora? Who would institute such changes except the President himself?

    Have you ever asked yourselves how Mai Mugabe would come to know of Mai Mujuru’s alleged incompetencies and extortionist tendencies in government when Mai Mugabe had no position in the government? Whom do you think loaded her with all such details?

    Would you blame Mai Mugabe for attacking Mai Mujuru the then sitting Vice President? Whose power and authority was she using and was the authority not aware of it?

    Do you remember the utterances by the President saying the attack by the First Lady on Mai Mujuru was premature as he had planned to do it at some stage and not in the way it was done by his wife? Would you really believe that?

    Would you blame the seven former youth chairpersons for expelling Mai Mujuru from the party by merely chanting the anti-gamatox and pro-Mazowe crush slogans at Mai Mugabe’s rallies? Whose power was backing their “courageous” stand against Mujuru?

    While his wife was on a full scale attack on his then deputy, the President would profess ignorance and instead shift the blame to his wife and Muchinguri at the same time assuring Mujuru that nothing will happen to her.

    In short, who else in the party other than the President would have the power to deal with a Vice President as happened to Mai Mujuru?

    In 2014 towards the Congress, President Mugabe presided over the Politburo meetings which fast tracked amendments to the party Constitution seeking to empower him with all the powers. This was done in the Politburo despite the fact that the organ has no such powers.

    At the 2014 War Veterans Rally held at the Party HQ, President Mugabe publicly stated that divorce is no crime and just hinted on the need to give the other part to the marriage time to pack belongings and leave.

    President Mugabe presided over the meetings of the Politburo that decided on the summary dismissals of elected provincial chairpersons without the chance of disciplinary hearings.

    President Mugabe would invite key individuals supporting Mai Mujuru like he did with Didymus Mutasa and lure them to ditch Mai Mujuru and promise them key appointments and elevation in the party.

    President Mugabe would divide the leadership from the home province (Mashonaland Central) of his “rival” and lure them to ditch Mai Mujuru and assure them of rewarding appointments as he did with Saviour Kasukuwere whom he summoned and told to jump ship.

    President Mugabe while presiding over the Politburo allowed Rugare Gumbo to be dismissed from the Politburo at the instigation of a junior and fellow colleague in the Politburo despite the fact that he was the authority vested with the powers to appoint and disappoint Politburo members.

    In summary President Mugabe planned against Mai Mujuru and made sure that he sees his plan through. He created a situation that would lead to the downfall of Mai Mujuru in 2014 and mobilised key players to execute the plan on his behalf since he could not do it by himself. To Mai Mujuru he would then appear to be uninvolved, genuine, sincere and innocent.

    Such is President Mugabe. He indicates left but turns right. He preaches peace but acts war. He preaches unity but divides.

    Current Developments

    There is nothing new on what is happening today for the President is applying the 2014 template to dribble past VP Emmerson Mnangagwa.

    Look back at the events of 2014 and compare them to the current developments. Will briefly give you examples.

    As happened to the Jabulani Sibanda-led War veterans executive, the Christopher Mutsvangwa executive has been vilified and attacked left , centre and right.

    In the same way Rugare Gumbo was sent out of the Politburo at the instigation of a junior colleague so has Mutsvangwa at the instigation of Kudzanai Chipanga.

    Elected Provincial chairpersons were sent packing in 2014 and replaced with Acting Chairpersons. The same has happened.

    Like in 2014 when war veterans and youths gathered at the ZANU-PF HQ to hammer the final nail on Mujuru and company, remember the Mandi Chimene led attack at the same place.

    The First Lady in 2014 went around the country addressing rallies to attack Mujuru and the same had started at Chiweshe now against Mnangagwa with the President’s wife carrying out the hatchet job.

    In the same way we were summoned to State House in 2014 to square off with rivals, the same happened when MPs from Masvingo were hired to fight senior leadership at State House.

    While we were instructed to chant the anti-gamatox and pro-Mazowe crush slogans, we also saw people chanting the Munhu wese kuna Mai and anti-Lacoste slogans.

    While l addressed about the need for the One centre of Power concept at one of the meetings at Mazowe Orphanage in 2014 after having been given the idea through Kasukuwere, Mafios has now done the same by pronouncing the need to do away with the One Centre of Power concept and introduce elections though it needs no rocket scientist to know where this must be coming from. In case you don’t know, the latest is coming from President Mugabe himself.

    As he did with regards to Mai Mugabe’s supposed premature attack on Mai Mujuru, President Mugabe did the same when Mandi Chimene attacked Mnangagwa arguing that it was premature to level allegations against his deputy.

    At the height of the 2014 attacks President Mugabe advised Mai Mujuru to respond to the allegations and distance herself from the alleged plot. After Chimene attacked Mnangagwa, the President in his address challenged Mnangagwa to at least clear himself in the public.

    In 2014 President Mugabe rewarded Pupurai Togarepi through appointing him to both the Central Committee and the Politburo for the role he played in defending him and elevating his wife. Just recently he rewarded Kudzanai Chipanga with the same position for defending him and his wife.

    In 2014 President banked on the Youth League for his survival and we see a repeat of the same now.

    In 2014 President Mugabe ignored and later lifted the suspensions that were imposed on myself and Vengai Musengi and today he has just done the same as he lifts the suspensions on those accused of supporting Mujuru and were suspended in 2014 so as to bolster his support base.

    While he lifted suspensions on myself, Kudakwashe Sintu and one Caleb Karima in 2014 so as to weaken Mujuru in Mashonaland Central province, recently he lifted suspensions and votes of no confidence on Annastancia Ndlovu, Makhosini Hlongwane and Tapiwa Mashingaidze from the Midlands province and a number of his proxies in Masvingo so as to weaken Mnangagwa in what is perceived as his strongholds.

    In 2014 President Mugabe would “ignore” the accusations against his deputy Mujuru and continued working with her and would leave her as the Acting President while he savaged her underground. To this day we see him delegating a lot of duties and responsibilities to Mnangagwa while his emissaries are savaging him on the ground.


    I can bet my last drop of blood and say to you, Mugabe is the man behind the “Mafioso Resolution” and that’s typical of him to work from the background. Mafios is just but a puppet on a mission on behalf of the President.

    Leave Dr Grace Mugabe out of this. Leave Phelekezela Mphoko, Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao and Saviour Kasukuwere out of this. These are just over-zealous beneficiaries of the President’s dirty tricks.

    The President divides and rules. He is good at creating sideshows.

    Take it or leave it but the truth stands and here is the truth. President Mugabe is the creator, promoter and chief beneficiary of the artificial confusion in the ZANU-PF party. Mnangagwa beware, your boss is after you!!!

    We were used and dumped after we had delivered the “head” of Joyce Mujuru to him and l foresee the same happening to the current favourites and foot soldiers after their successful tour of duty. Beware, the leopard’s spots have not changed!!!

    Am off.

    • Godfrey Tsenengamu is a former Youth leader in Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF Party. He writes in his own capacity.

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