Mr. Tsvangirai Sir, please come over here, sit down, we need to talk!

    By Hubert Sithole

    I will get straight to the point. This is not a novel. No delicious wordplay, just facts. Mt Tsvangirai Sir, iIt is very unfortunate that you Sir, have a crowd that does not have the liberty to thoroughly analyse some of your statements. Very unfortunate.

    You see Mr .Tsvangirai,to them, just like Mr. Mugabe is to ZANU PF… You are a semi-deity, a demigod. That’s bad.

    Let’s talk Sir… of the misguided, reckless, maybe out of line statements of yours I read concerning the BVR.

    What is your game plan Sir? Discourage people from registering?

    How dare you insinuate to the nation that the votes are stolen already? That ZANU PF has already won? Why would you do that Sir?

    Am very sure you are divorced from consequential thinking. Your statement was full of continuous disconnectedness. You should not have said that, especially now.

    Here we are, all fired up and willing to register to vote and send ZANU PF to the dustbins, only to realise we are trying to build castles in the air. How could you destroy our hopes and mojo like that Sir? I am disappointed. I thought you are a freedom fighter?

    I believe now, age steals all things, Even the mind. What happened to you Mr. Tsvangirai?  Come sir, let’s talk. Informally.

    Didn’t you say “I am certain that we in the MDC will not fail posterity and the millions of Zimbabweans into have invested their hope in us”?

    Why then have you dashed our hopes into pieces Sir? So you are very sure these elections are already rigged? So we must not come back and vote Sir? What do you suggest?

    One who does not have a plan, will always be part of someone else’s. Have you forgotten that you have been promising us for the past two decades that you have it all in the bag? That you will make sure that ZANU PF will not steal the elections?

    What makes you think we are not tired of your fake promises Mr. Tsvangirai? We need something new Sir, not old wine in old cracking bottles

    Oooh? I had forgotten what Chris Dell(former American ambassador to Zimbabwe) said of you… He thinks you are “a flawed and indecisive character” Sir. How right he was!

    You cry a lot Mr. Tsvangirai. We want you, as our beloved leader to act, not to cry always. We are tired of the Mugabe must go, Save muState house and elections are already rigged mantras.

    We are tired. We want solutions Sir. What are you going to do? Sleep like you did in 2013? Or travel to Bahamas with a hot South African lady?

    Only to wake up when the proverbial shit hit the fan….you came out with no sound reforms in the GNU Sir, Mugabe showed you the difference between being stumbled over and being kicked. He kicked you and the rest of us in the butt. And you left. With nothing.

    Stop sleeping on duty Mr.Tsvangirai… Bad habits die hard. Will we vote you in? Maybe. BUT….will you not sleep like Mr. Gabriel?

    our statement ‘really killed me’, but above all it made me see that you have lost your mojo, you are now so shallow and mellow Sir.

    Come…Sit, let’s talk…

    My friends think that you should just be one of those mute guys, the type not left to issue statements or speak in public because you usually perceive gasoline to be water to drowse fire and you mistake opinions to ideas. Keep your destructive opinions to yourself sir. We prefer you work Silently (if you have to) and bring afore, solutions and strategies.

    Anyway, we love you Sir, and we would be so glad if you join hands with Dr JTR, for us Zimbabweans.

    We pray you get stronger and regain your mojo Save.

    • Hubert Sithole is a social development expert and political analyst based in Pretoria, South Africa

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