Facebook live: A great platform with little restrictions but content creators need to do more

By Leroy Dzenga

The Facebook live craze has seen a sharp proliferation of talk shows mostly structured as one long Q and A session. The shows have been getting decent numbers prompting some to make premature predictions that the “pioneers of content” may be seeing their last days.

Some enthusiasts have even termed this the era of disruptive innovation in local communication. However, this is an immature proclamation considering how these shows have been handled so far.

The same stupid questions asked in traditional interviews are what they are continuing with, just on a different platform. Why would someone ask Winky D or Jah Prayzah’s real name in an interview in 2017 ? People already know that.

The traditional media appears rigid because there are a lot of controls that goes into the content creation. There is also a certain style that has to be followed, among other things.

Why are online content creator limiting themselves to conventions of the trade when they are supposed to come up with new ideas.

If Zimbabwe is to become a serious contender in the fight for space on the virtual continent, more effort needs to be made.

The content structuring and research doesn’t lose relevance because it is an online show. People should understand that the emergence of online platforms has reduced the cost of transmitting the product but the cost of producing doesn’t change.

Instead, more money should be channeled to the content since the platform is next to free.

There are less red tapes in online content creation, this is where creativity with an inch of madness is expected. Instead, our people prefer to ask where people grew up and who inspires them.

But then, my name is Leroy and what do I know?

  • Leroy Dzenga is a journalist for The Herald in Zimbabwe. Article was posted on his Facebook page.