Time to stop this mad woman Grace Mugabe

I have no doubt that you think Zimbabweans are stupid. They know what you did with the land, and they know what you are doing with the party, and their resources. You have not only sold the land; you have sold the party.
I have no doubt that you think Zimbabweans are stupid. They know what you did with the land, and they know what you are doing with the party, and their resources. You have not only sold the land; you have sold the party.

By Pride Mkono

After snatching a husband from a dying woman, she entered politics with the energy and clumsiness of a bull in a China shop. She proceeded to invade schools and villages shouting vulgar and obscenities. Ordinary villagers were bombarded with tribal jibes and hate filled vitriol. School pupils listened in dismay as she vulgarised everything including her own sexuality.

Like a shameless naked queen she paraded her ignorance and stupidity for all to see including confirmation that she indeed never sat for any academic programme to deserve the title of ‘Dr’. Her unquenchable thirst for fine things, which earned her the title ‘First Shopper’, moved her to loot and externalise US$1.5 million in the name of purchasing a diamond ring in a country where hunger is a permanent resident.

She hides behind charity and caring for orphans to fleece companies and ordinary citizens alike in the name of running an orphanage. Her attempt at running a business of sort in the dairy industry is a big flop. The company is unprofitable even if it gets cows for free, feeds them with free feed, gets free labour, free loans and free transport to markets where shops are forced to pay for stocks upfront.

Even then the company accounts are in red, a stark reminder that a business is different from working in a government typing pool. Itself being the only trade she has acquiesced herself with.

She is a woman of laziness and gluttony in the extreme. Even her husband has confirmed several times that she can hardly prepare a decent meal. Not that women must be evaluated by the capacity to prepare meals but that cooking is a basic skill one can easily learn and use.

To her, this country is like a little piece of garden in her backyard where she can do as she pleases. Yes, in her warped and dirty mind this country and its citizens are like property to her. Cheap property at that which she can toss and kick around as she please.
She does not respect anyone including herself!

Now this lunatic woman, who has even questioned her own sanity, has struck again. This time it is dozens of poor families in Mazowe whom she has rendered homeless by demolishing their houses. All she wants there is land and more land. She wants this land so badly that even court orders can not restrain her. She is like a feudal landlady who knows no bounds.

The cries of innocent children who will live in open air for god knows how long do not move the granite she has for a heart. The wailing of old women and those that are pregnant cannot move the hardened and tampered cymbal which is her conscience. She is literary a beast and in her world it is survival of the fittest.

Fitness which comes with proximity to power that is often time abused to further selfish interests by her husband. Fitness of living in the full knowledge that in a dictatorship she is safe for as long as she sleeps next to the old torso of the man she calls husband for by his word no one can do anything to her.

Her conduct would make Jezebel look like a saint and make Marie Antoinette look like Mother Theresa.
But now she has taken her show too far. Way too far and its time she is stopped so that the people of this beautiful land can smile in their own country again.

She and the tyrant she calls husband must be stopped and be brought to justice even from their graves. For what greater evil can a people continue to tolerate.

As 2018 comes into view, if people cannot find anything worthwhile to unite on, at least we must come together to end her madness and lunacy which has robbed us of humanity. And when such show of people power sweeps the citadel of the dictatorship, this evil woman must be captured and be treated to the justice she deserves which is no less than the dungeons of Chikurubi.

There in the darkness and pain of Chikurubi she may find time to make peace with her maker before she departs this world. After she has departed no one will miss her if anything people will be in jubilation for even the bible says ‘when the righteous govern the people rejoice but when wicked are in control the people mourn.’ We have mourned enough and will not waste our tears mourning her or that tyrant she calls husband.

  • Pride Mkono is a social justice activist. He can be contacted on pridemkono@gmail.com and @pridemkono on twitter.