Young people should rise up and defend Saviour Kasukuwere: Fengu

By Fidelis Fengu

The position of young people as custodians of the legacy of President Mugabe and his revolutionary ideals is under overt and covert attack. Saviour Kasukuwere since his time in the President’s office to his rise to parliament and subsequently cabinet , Kasukuwere has been a beacon , hope and envoy of Zimbabwe’s young people.

Saviour Kasukuwere might be viewed as ambitious and reckless but his loyalty to ZANU PF , President Mugabe and Dr. Amai Mugabe should never be questioned.

Fight him on corruption if you have proof, or fight him on policy implementation and articulation if you will, but never question his patriotism.

Saviour Kasukuwere has mobilised the youth of this country and has always encouraged us to protect the legacy of His Excellency President R. G. Mugabe. Kasukuwere taught us to reject pessimism and embrace hope for the good of Zimbabwe.

I first met Kasukuwere when he was an MP and portfolio committee chairman , at the time we were advocating for young people to have easier access to get birth certificates and IDs in rural areas, and as chair to the committee on Home affairs he accepted the agenda and pushed it forward , because of his passion for the development of young people.

Saviour Kasukuwere was the only minister to advocate for and actually take practical steps towards the empowerment of persons with disabilities. He taught us that socio economic progress requires struggle , discipline and faith in God , the President and faith in each other.

Saviour Kasukuwere as the only legitimate representative of the young generation has become the custodian of the aspirations of young people. The young people of this country should be allowed a place in the echelons of power , removing Saviour Kasukuwere from the party’s politburo is equivalent to the nullification of the young people’s role and efforts for the country and the party.

Heading towards the 2018 election ZANU PF needs both the liberators of this country and the young people who are now foot soldiers of the economic revolution we are in.

Who will connect with the youth and lead them in the ballot battle of 2018? Who has enough experience and charisma to speak to the youth who currently form the majority of the country’s population considering that majorities win elections.

Every member of ZANU PF needs to consider the advantages of having Saviour Kasukuwere as well as the good he has brought to the vision of President Mugabe, a vision of black empowerment and self determination Weigh this against the flimsy allegations leveled against him of trying to capture the structures of the party.

The only entity with the power to capture structures is the constitution of ZANU PF as well as the millions of card carrying members. Kasukuwere might be ambitious and he might have ideas that differ from those of the party’s old guard but the constitution of the party’s members are there to safeguard the party from abuse and derailment of the vision.

Young people from across the political divide I urge you to stand up and stand with Saviour Kasukuwere , standing with him is standing up for our place in politics , our place in the economy and our place in history. Some of you might not like Saviour Kasukuwere, others might not like me as an individual , but for the sake of the youth’s relevance and respect, let us stand with

Saviour Kasukuwere the biggest supporter of young people in their quest to self actualization.

  • Fidelis Fengu is a controversial Zanu PF activist from Zimbabwe. Article appears on Khuluma Afrika.