Bona Mugabe appointed to censorship board: Sources say to spearhead muting anti-mugabe family content

By Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe has instructed that his daughter, Bona Chikore (Mugabe) be appointed to the country’s board that regulates content, the Zimbabwe Censorship Board.

Bona Mugabe was appointed by Minister of Home Affairs, Ignatius Chombo, under the Censorship and Entertainments Act this afternoon.

It is said that the reasoning behind the move is to tighten censorship of anti-first family information in print, broadcast and social media. The appointment is set to be announced elsewhere soon.

While Chombo instigated the move, it is believed that this was a request from the President, who now lacks trust and faith in his close cadres. Choosing instead to put family members in key positions.

According to the law in the country, the board’s purpose is to regulate, and review any article, picture, painting, publication, video, or picture, which has the potential to undermine morality, nudity, decency and other things.

The mandate of the current board, which was meant to expire soon has been expanded by another 5 years, mainly to allow Bona Mugabe to stamp her foot down.

The Zimbabwean government is looking to censor and clamp down on content which is critical of the first family.

The board also includes, Zimbabwe’s Republic Police Spokesperson, Ms Charity Charamba, and former education Minister, Enias Chigwedere. The latter will be the chair of the board.


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